Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phone Call #1 - Salt Lake Airport

Phone Call
From Salt Lake Airport
Leaving for Boise, Idaho

Tuesday November 2, 2010

We were so excited to hear from Elder Bevell. He was leaving the MTC and headed to his mission in Boise Idaho. He tried calling my phone and it didn’t ring, so he called Izaak’s phone. (used to be his phone). That made Izaak’s day. He encouraged Izaak to continue reading his scriptures and told him how much he loves being on a mission.

Then he talked with Breck - At the end as she was passing the phone to Dad, Brant was sure to tell her how much he loves her. Sweet moment for a mom.

He shared with John and I a prophetic blessing given to the missionaries from Elder Richard G. Scott. The foreign missionaries were blessed to be able to learn the language quickly – The sisters were blessed with protection – and the rest were blessed with an increase in being able to feel the spirit and it’s direction in their work.

I asked him what exercise he was doing – he mentioned he enjoyed 4 square. The weather didn’t seem too cold to him. He also mentioned that 13 missionaries in his district were all headed to Boise. He also asked that I get address’ from Aaron Case, Carsten Ellsworth and Zach Green. (Which I have accomplished)

I couldn’t tell him enough that I loved him and then he was on his way again.

What a treat to hear from Elder Bevell. Made my day

Sean A’lee

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