Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter #2 - MTC

Letter #2
From: MTC – Provo Utah

October 29, 2010

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for sending my Ammon figure, an my CTR ring! (We are loving the “Corruption” as well. lol) AKA – the Candy!

Here at the MTC there’s this thing called “Narnia Holes”, which are holes in the walls and cabinets where light switches or some sort of wiring used to be. So what most elders do is they leave something in a “Narnia Hole” when they leave the MTC. We have found candy, a guitar pick, even a self portrait from 1991. We also found testimonies. What I’m going to do is write my testimony of mission work and place it in a “Narnia Hole” with my Ammon figure. I will also leave a letter, inviting any missionaries who find this to write down their own testimony and place it with Ammon back in the “Narnia Hole”. It will be interesting to see how long it stays.

I got to go into the temple again today. I love the temple. I basically fell asleep in the Celestial Room because of the peace I felt. Sometimes I wish we could just stay there. But we can’t, so now I’m back in my room on a Pday, writing this letter.

Thanks for your letters that came with the candy. I loved reading them and hearin about how you all are doing. I’m so grateful to God that you were protected – Mom – from the scorpion. As soon as I read that word in your letter my heart skipped a beat. I thank God for his protection over you, and for you allowing that protection by being obedient to your covenants.

And Breck, I’m so glad you were able to chill and have fun with all those Scottish Teenagers. I laughed out loud about the “which accent is better” moment! I told Elder Redpath (who is from England) and he was like “dang right!”

Izaak, Elder Jones says thank you for your concern with his leg. It’s feeling a lot better. How have you been bud? Are you doing good in school? Are you still reading the scriptures every day and praying? I am and I can feel the blessings from it. Keep doing that so you can have those blessings too! I love you little bro.

Now Dad, Your last letter made me laugh. I know Halloween isn’t your favorite holiday, but I blame that on the people who make it a “Satan” holiday. It would be a better holiday if people just dressed up, and gave out candy with a smile, instead of trying to make people cry. I hope you’re doing well, and I love ya!

And now the moment you all have been waiting for. PICTURES!!!! Here is my first card full of fun moments. I made a list with the pictures numbers, and a brief description of what’s happening. You will love these!

I love you all, and thank you for your prayers and support. You are the Best!

With lots of love,
Elder Bevell

P.S. Tell Danielle & Braylon that I love them both and hope they are doing well.

MTC Companions - Elder Jones & Elder Bevell

The Elders!

My District:
Back Row: Sister Deschler, Sister Cooper, Sister Lord, Elder Redpath, Elder Olivais, Elder Gale & Elder Orton
Front Row: Elder Jones & Elder Bevell

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