Monday, July 30, 2012

Strummin' for horses

Date:     Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Email #95 – New Plymouth, ID

Hey there everyone!
   What a fun week it has been for the both of us! Elder Olinger is a great companion. He always has a joke to tell, really he does. And he's good at teaching. What I have been feeling though is very different. I feel a greater desire to do my best. There have been a few times when I feel that I am being too hard on myself. Am I helping him understand how to teach? Am I being the best example I can be? Do I annoy him or does he like me as a companion!? I'm sure I will find a happy medium soon. Until then I will just have to keep doing my best.
   This week was low number wise because I had to spend the first three days in Boise. Monday I attended a trainers meeting with all the other missionaries who are training. That was a very good meeting. President Cannon spoke to us and told us that he had spent hours on his knees praying to know who should train these new missionaries. He told us that we really had been called by the Lord to train. I felt the spirit tell me that I really have been called, which was a great comfort to me to know because I was feeling very nervous at the time. lol.  After the meeting I stayed with another elder in his area.
   The next day the new missionaries arrived and we had the wonderful opportunity to be paired up with one, dropped off in a random spot and go street contacting for two hours! I was paired up with an Elder Mann, from California. It was a fun and nerve racking time. I took the lead in the first two and then told elder Mann it was his turn. I was laughing inside a little as I watched him nervously look around trying to decide where to walk. I told him, if you have a good thought, such as "We should go that way", or, "I should talk to them." Just act on it. After that he started walking, and I could see him as he looked at people he wanted to go talk to them bust he was hesitating. The "natural man" was telling him not to do it! So I would tell him, go ahead. Let’s say hi! In the end we passed out two copies of the book of Mormon, and even got a free lunch! It was very fun.
   Wednesday, we finally got our new companions. That was when I was told I would be training Elder Olinger. The rest of the week was filled with contacting, and trying to set up more appointments for this week. And the few lessons we did have went very good. The members here already like him as well.
   Well, that’s me for now. Doing my best to be the best example I can be, and trying to humbly teach this new elder what it means to be a missionary.
Sorry I haven't replied to your letters yet, I will be trying to do that this week. In the mean time, I love you all, the work is moving on and the Gospel is definitely true. How grateful I am. Take care and stay cool!
              -Elder Bevell-
p.s. We were at an appointment where they had a guitar and I was just strumming it when the horses walked up and started sniffing it. So here I played for two music loving horses! =D

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Training

Date:     Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:51 PM
Email #94 – New Plymouth, ID
subject:                The Second to Last Transfer!

Dear Bevell Family,
   So transfers are very exciting. Elder Melchior is off to Nampa, (That's actually the sad part. I really liked serving with him.) I am still going to be in New Plymouh, but with a new missionary. Yep, I'm TRAINING!!!! I'm over in Boise right now and will be till Wednesday when I will get my new "green" companion. There are only two English missionaries coming into the mission, and both of them look like they will need a lot of work. The first one looks like he has never smiled his whole life, the second..........well he's probably never stopped smiling. lol. Needless to say I am very excited to make the start of these Elders mission’s a blast!

" new companion Elder Olinger! He is from Ozark Missouri, and is awesome. Here is a picture of us with President Cannon! I'll give more details on Monday. Stay cool!
              -Elder Bevell-"

   So this last week was filled with Elder Melchior saying goodbye to people and getting pictures. Don't worry we still worked and taught people.
   One great proselyting opportunity came up when the first and second ward in New Plymouth held a pioneer day rodeo! That was very fun. We saw a lot of our investigators there and were also able to set up new appointments with them. As for the rodeo part, Elder Melchior and I won the egg toss, got 4th place in the 3 legged race, and ate 14 bananas each! The banana part was a contest between us and one of the bishops and his councilors. We sat at two separate tables, had blindfolds placed over our eyes, and then peeled and eat the bananas. Needless to say I was very sick of bananas by the end. Which after we finished I realized that the bishop and his councilor had eaten only one banana each, and had placed all their bananas on OUR table and laughed as we stuffed our faces. It was a PRANK!!! lol. It was still really fun though and everyone said we were good sports. Over all, I believe the people in New Plymouth got a very good impression of the LDS missionaries.
   Ok, This is the trunky part of the letter. I really am trying hard not to count down, but it seems that every time I look at the date I suddenly just know how much time I have left. 13 weeks!!! That's such a small number yet it's so far away!  And when you talked about Breck starting collage in January and trying to figure stuff out for me that only added to it. But that is something we do need to figure out. I actually want to attend CGCC. So if you could figure stuff out for there that would be helpful. I know the choir director there as well. I don't know if that will help with anything but it's worth a shot. Also, I don't know what I am going to do for work, for income. I know I will be working at the ranch but everyone who works there has a second job. I do not want to be mooching off Mom and Dad anymore, and I'm sure you guys agree with that idea.
   And another thing. The Boise temple is being rededicated on the 18th of November, and president Monson is doing that. I have never been inside this temple and I want to be here for the rededication! So if it can work I was hoping that I got home we could come up as a family to see the dedication then take a small mission tour!!! There are a few people that I would really like you all to meet and I know you would all enjoy that.
   Anyway, this is me right now.  Waiting for a greenie, trying to plan for the future without getting too trunky, and simply loving my life. This really has been the best experience of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love you all. Know that the gospel is true, that Christ is our Savior, and God is very much real. Take care and stay cool!
                     -Elder Bevell-

p.s. The picture is of an investigator family we found while tracting. the Mom is Debie Horton, the twin girls are Sage and Lane, (Sage is the bigger one.) and there older brother Ryan. I am positive they will be baptized this next transfer!

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Shoes

Date:     Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 1:22 PM
Email #93 – New Plymouth, ID

Hello again Bevell's,
   Boy did I get a surprise this last Sunday. This family walked up to me smiling and I walked up to shake their hands like I was doing to everyone else who was coming to church. As I shook the fathers hand he said "Well, do you recognize us?" I hate that question. I admitted that I did not. He then told me that he was Bro. Pounders from my home ward! I was instantly trunky. lol. I was even more so when his wife told me that she was Stephen's older sister. I'm better now though....I think. Anyway it was really cool to see someone from home. I took a picture with them as well.

   So, you have had a busy week too eh? This week was much better for us. Our investigators are progressing very well. Two of them told us they plan on being baptized! That was Mandy Smith and Debie Horton. I hope and wish I can be there when that happens. Transfer call this Friday, you will know what happens on Monday next.

   Something big is happening in New Plymouth ID. So big that the whole town will be there to witness it. It's THE PIONEER DAY RODEO CELEBRATION!! There will be dinner, ice cream and all sorts of fun activities. Elder Melchior and I have signed up for the calf dressing! You will be getting pictures of that fur sure! lol. Several members have even offered to lend us some cowboy hats for the occasion. lol.  There will also be a lot of non members there, so hopefully we will find some new people to work with as well.

   We had a really cool lesson with Dave as well. We met with him on Friday, and when we walked in we had no idea what to talk to him about. He has been taught everything! So as we sat and talked with him and his wife for a while we were listening very hard for any ideas on what to teach. At one point his wife Mary said the word "temples", and I suddenly knew what to talk about. This wasn't a sudden  "oh, she said temples. That's something we can talk about." It was a "You need to talk about temples with them!" So I pulled out my little Mormon messages and we started off by watching a short video on temples. After that everything else just fell into place. As we talked we learned that Dave really wanted to know the truth, but he was having trouble finding the motivation to put in his effort to get that answer. So in the end we gave him a few scriptures to read and committed him to find the motivation he needs. We shared with him the story of the man whose son was possessed. He took his son to Jesus who told him "If thou can believe, all things are possible." To this the man replied "Help thou my unbelief." Just the desire to believe is enough for God to answer our prayers.

   Now for another cool story.  Last night at our dinner appointment we sat down and they brought out to us....SHOES!! They had been cleaning out their son's bedroom and had found some "church" shoes that he had never worn. One was size 10 Elder Melchiors size, and the other 11's! So we both got new shoes at dinner! How awesome is that. 

   Well, I'm glad to hear all is well at the ranch. That's awesome about the rainstorm and how the airforce base guys had fun in it. (I hope you were able to have fun too Dad.) Remember, Life isn't about enduring the storm, its learning to dance in the rain! =D lol. I love you all and continually pray for you. Can't wait to see you all again! OH! Happy late birthday Dad and Dan!!! Stay cool!
                      -Elder Bevell-

Monday, July 9, 2012

Slow week - 4th of July

Date:     Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 3:17 PM
Email #92 – New Plymouth, ID

Hello everyone!

   This week was slow for us. 4th of July. It seems that a lot of people consider it to last a whole week. Which I would be fine with if I wasn't a missionary. lol. But we still worked. We had an appointment with an older gentleman who was a referral from a dinner appointment. His name was Lonnie.  We taught him the restoration, which went very well. We had left a book of Mormon with him and asked him if he had read it. He told us he had read the whole thing, in a week!.  (he had just skimmed through the whole thing. Reading chapter headings and a few verses.) I believe he did though, because as we shared verses from it he told us that he remembered reading that. Anyway, at the end of the lesson his big concern was how Joseph Smith stated that "the book of Mormon was the most correct of any other book and that a man would grow closer to God by abiding by its precepts."  He believes in the bible, and anything that claims to be "better" than the bible he doesn't want anything to do with. We tried to explain how we don't esteem the book of Mormon over the bible, but that we use them both, that we need both to truly understand the gospel of Christ, but sadly he was past listening to us.
   The biggest thing that I realized after that lesson is how much my knowledge of the scriptures has truly grown out on the mission! As Lonnie asked questions I found myself remembering scriptures not only in the book of Mormon but in the bible as well! The spirit really can bring to our mind the knowledge that we need to share with others. (Matthew 10:19)

   P-day was very fun today! There was another basketball tournament set up by some of the other elders. Now I'm not the best but I like a good game of Bball.  We caught a ride with the Payette elders, Dees and Stone, and I had a ton of fun. Btw, I finally got some allergy medication and it is helping TREMENDOUSLY with my asthma. I've only used my inhaler 3 times the past week and a half! So I wasn't worried as I played, I just had fun. I've attached a few pictures. Elder Kofoed took them. He didn't play because his ankle was hurt. (I'm so glad he didn't because I did not want to verse him. I would have gotten uber mad!) Our team didn't win.  We basically got 4th place our of 8 teams. I'm just glad I got to play four games! lol.

   I did get your package thank you so much for the shirt! You will notice that I am wearing it in the pictures. lol. (for the record the picture on the back is SO NOT the salt river next to the ranch. lol. ;p) And I am already handing out my CD's to people and they are loving it. You might be happy to know Mom that last night at our dinner appointment I played my proud and free song for the family. There were two families there actually and both moms and a lot of the daughters and one son cried. One mom cried because her son had played guitar and sang before his mission so I made her think of him. lol. They took a video of it and another song (Albi the racist dragon) and they will be posting them on facebook and youtube. I hope you enjoy them. lol.
(Go to Elder Bevell's facebook page to see video's...)

   Well, that's all I got for now. I'm trying uber hard not to think too much about home but I am also uber excited to see you all again! I love you all; you are in my heart and prayers. I am proud of all of you for your wonderful examples in the church and as a family. I know this church is true, that the book of Mormon is true. That Joseph Smith was called as a prophet, that he did see God and Jesus Christ. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I am so grateful for what he did for me so that I could be happy and be able to come and live with him again. Like Enos I look forward to the day when I can hear the Saviors voice as he says to me "Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father." And there we all can dwell as a family forever. Take care everyone and stay cool!
                 -Elder Bevell-

Monday, July 2, 2012

"Shout outs" to the Missionaries.

Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 1:09 PM
Email #91 – New Plymouth, ID

Hey Brecky!!
   This is really cool getting the weekly email from you! I really like how I can just tell it's you writing. You and Mom have different ways of explaining stuff. lol.
   Man, I am not looking forward to working in the heat. I realized the other day why I suddenly enjoy working outdoors. It's because it isn't over 100 out here!! But I'm glad you and Izaak are able to have some fun. It's also good to hear that Izaak has someone to hang out and help him be a happy worker. Be sure to give my thanks to Cody for being a great friend.  Izaak! I'm also glad of you Breck for looking for ways to help reduce Mom's work load. That is something I wish I could do right now. I'm going to ask Mom to teach me how to close up shop so she can leave earlier in the day while I am still there. I too love our parents as well, very much. Mom is always trying her best to have a positive attitude, and Dad is a great example of working diligently. And together they are the perfect example of how a couple should be. That's what I want for me and whoever my “soul sister” is. lol.
   Anyway, about my week, the work keeps going forward. We taught 29 lessons. It's crazy! And we even found two new people to teach! The first one we tracted into, her name is Debbie. She was getting ready to go to school but let us come in and share a short message with her about the Book of Mormon, and afterwards accepted one. We taught her about the restoration. She has a ton of really good questions. She will most likely be baptized. Hopefully this transfer cause I'm afraid I might not be here this transfer. The second person was a referral from a dinner appointment. They said we should visit their neighbor which we did and set a return appointment with him. He's an older man who said we could come back and talk with him. Not too sure what all will be happening with that one.
   On a cool note, we had a few shout outs to the elders this last Sunday. A shout out is when a member gets up at the pulpit and brags about the missionaries.  We had five members do that as they bore their testimony! It was awesome! lol. Lots of member trust!
   I'm also excited for all the missionary moments you are having Breck! If you are feeling like you don't know enough or want to know more I would suggest going to the Gospel principles class on Sunday. Every ward should have one. That's the class we take our investigators to. You will definitely learn there.
   Well, I hope Mom and Dad have a good trip. OH! Hi grandma! I hope you are doing good as well. It was really good to talk to you on Mother’s day. I also look forward to your amazing tacos when I get home!! lol.
   I love you all, you are in my prayers and I hope you have an amazing day!
Stay cool!
                            -Elder Bevell-

p.s. just some random pics. Love ya!