Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Questions for Elder Bevell...

Email #6 - Twin Falls, Idaho --- Questions for Elder Bevell...

Questions from a mother to her missionary! LOL

1. How is your bike?

2. How is your asthma? Are you taking the preventative? Is it helping? (remember it is a new kind of preventative for you - let me know if it isn't working) How often are you having to use the inhaler?

3. How is Elder Mitchell? I absolutely loved getting an email from him. He sounds just perfect as a 1st trainer for you?

4. How wonderful to be teaching so many different people. Any new developments? What is something new that you have learned since being in the mission field?

5. What is the rule for emails? Grandma and Erika are asking if they can email you or is that meant just for us and the kids? Either way is fine... just didn't know the answer.

6. So... what's been served for dinner? Are you getting enough to eat during the day? How does your budget work?

7. Tell me something funny that has occurred and something spiritual. (Wow... see how fast I go from asking questions to being bossy) lol... I guess I am still a Mom! :)

Answers from her Elder...

From: Brant Bevell

Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Subject: Re: Questions for Elder Bevell..

Hello Mom!

My bike is still doing ok and I'm waiting for Elder Ware to have his bike mailed down here so i can buy it off him. Its a custom bike and will last longer than two years so I'm excited to see it!

My asthma is doing just fine, the new preventive is working great, and I'm not having to use my inhaler to much.

Elder Mitchell is happy that you loved his email but is a little hurt that you didn't email him back. lol he says hi by the way. lol

As for new developments on people we are teaching we have two people with baptism dates set and have two new investigators, which is great because most the time we are just teaching less actives.

I asked president about emails and he said to keep it to immediate family (Mom, Dad, brother, and sister.) So just tell them to write me, and that i love them.

Dinners have been very good so far, a lot of potatoes!!! lol

The bird watchers thing sounds cool! I'm glad the ranch is getting such great promotions like that! One quick question about staffing at the ranch, is Amanda working there yet?

I am really annoyed that i was not able to see the Mikado!! Please tell me you bought a DVD of it cause i will want to see that when i get back! And Justin put hos papers in!? keep me posted on that and get me his address for home so i can write him! I'm excited for that!

In my next letter BTW i will be sending you a list of Cd's that i want you to send me. Just an FYI. =)

Got to go now so i will write more in paper. Love you and hope your having fun.

Your elder,

Elder Bevell

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