Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My new nick-name Jj...

Date:     Tue, May 29, 2012 at 10:22 AM
Email #86 – New Plymouth, ID

Dear Bevells,
   Sorry I didn't get an email off to you yesterday. Everywhere to email was closed due to Memorial Day. I'm assuming you all were busy with that as well as I didn't hear from you. It's all good I understand.
   So, this past week. Elder Melchior and I were finally able to make contact with a former investigator family who lives about 20 to 30 minutes out in the country, the Burbanks. They have been seeing missionaries for years, but because of how far away they live it has been hard to keep meeting with them. Their work schedules are pretty busy at times. Anyway, we finally met the family. The Mom, one daughter and the two boys are baptized but inactive, the oldest daughter and the Dad are not baptized. Needless to say we were welcomed into their home right away. The kids were excited to have us there and the Dad simply loves missionaries. Conrad,(br. burbank) has some challenges to overcome. His wife has told us that he does have a testimony of the church and did say that he wanted to be baptized at one point. That point just isn't right now.  We met with them again this last Monday and cooked hot dogs over a fire and talked about Memorial Day stuff. The kids also gave Elder Melchior and I nick names. They've done that for all the missionaries they have known. Elder Melchior is Chewy because he likes star wars, and I am Jj (Jeff jr. after the comedian Jeff Dunham.) lol, we have a lot of fun over there. Hopefully we will be able to help the Dad and his daughter progress in the gospel.
   We met with Dave again and watched "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" with him. Afterwards we bore our testimonies on how we know that Joseph Smith did see God and Jesus and that he was called to be a prophet and how through him we have the fullness of the gospel restored to the earth. The spirit was felt and Dave said he would continue to come to church! Now we just need to get him reading the Book of Mormon.
   Now how are all of you? Hows the ranch doing?  I hope you all are doing good, I look forward to hearing from you soon! You are in my heart and prayers. Stay cool!
                       -Elder Bevell-

Monday, May 21, 2012


Date:     Mon, May 21, 2012 at 3:56 PM
Email #85 – New Plymouth

Dear Bevell Family,
   I'm doing really good this week, as is Elder Melchior! Work is improving each week and the progress is very noticeable. Especially in our total lessons:
   Week one: 15 lessons
   Week two:  16 lessons
   Week three:  18 lessons
It's so cool!  And the members are really helping us a lot as well. We get referrals at most if not all dinner appointments, and we have an amazing relationship with our bishops and ward mission leaders.
   Something I am really excited about is our investigator Dave. He has been meeting with missionaries long before I or even Elder Kofoed came into the area. He's only been to church once and hasn't been keeping his commitments. So a few weeks ago, Elder Melchior and I met with him and strongly encouraged him to come to church. He told us he does have a desire to know the truth of our words and we testified how coming to church can help him get an answer to his prayers. Well, for the past two Sundays he has come to church, without us asking or reminding him!  Now we're trying to get Renaee and her mom Carol to come to church. They just always have something happen and they just can't come. Satan is working overtime to keep them from church, but we will win!!!!
   Congrats on graduating seminary Breck! And good job to Izaak on his science project. It looks AWESOME! What was your grade on it? Then you have 6th vs teachers! That was a lot of fun!  And have fun at the pool party! (I really really REALLY want to go swimming right now.)
   I too, Mom, am glad about how all of us have grown in the Gospel. I still get so excited when I think of just how far Izaak has grown in it, and Breck has been nothing but a powerful foundation of faith. Dad, you have always been such a good example of how to act as one with the priesthood. And Mom, you are the perfect example of Love. The only times I have ever seen you without a smile has been when I did something dumb that made you mad. lol. Your smile is something I keep in my heart.
   I love you all! I pray for you every day and think of you often. I'm doing my best to stay busy so the time will go by quickly, and because that's what the Lord wants me to do. Stay cool!
                       -Elder Bevell-

Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Mother's Day call...

Date:     Mon, May 14, 2012 at 2:33 PM
Email #84 – New Plymouth, ID

It was so good to talk to you all yesterday! I'm also glad you had a good Mothers Day Mom. Nothing new on my end for now, but know that I will do my best to end strong, and do all I can. I love you all! Take care and stay cool!
               -Elder Bevell-

Monday, May 7, 2012

Decklan's nickname is "D"

Date:     Mon, May 7, 2012 at 2:01 PM
Email #83 – New Plymouth, ID

Hello Again Bevell family,
   Just a heads up you have snail mail on the way. I'm trying to write you once a week for the rest of my mission. Recent talks in church two weeks ago made me feel that I should so I am.
   Congrats Breck on your final choir concert I so wish I could have been there. I would love a copy of the DVD to watch it! So far all I have heard about Izaak is about his science project. I wouldn't mind getting an email or letter from you little bro.  And Decklan is so very cute and I can't wait to hold him!! I have the perfect nick name for him already and you cannot stop me from using it. His nick name is "D"! Perfect isn't it? lol. And Tell Dan and Braylon I'm sorry for not writing them as much. I'm not sure if I have the right address for them. Could you let me know what's their address is again?  And Joshua is adorable as well. And Sarah, Zephra and Jacob are so big!! Man I am getting so excited to see all of you again!!!! My big trunky desire this week has been swimming.
   Ok now to the mission. My new Companion is Elder Melchior (melc-ier). He's from Denver Colorado, has been out for 8 months and is tall. lol. We've been working hard on finding through the members here in New Plymouth. This week we were able to meet with two of our bishops and get a list of families that the bishops believed could best help us. Its slow work, but the results should be very good. We are also working with the ward council as well.
   One cool story is our last visit to a man named Toby. He fell from the roof of a tall building at work and had to have his leg amputated.  Whenever we went to visit him he was usually asleep. He would stay in bed and was very depressed.  We have been praying hard for him and our last visit was awesome. He finally received his prosthetic leg! He was so happy as he walked around on it. He says he's going to have flames painted on the sides. lol. We were able to set an appointment with him, and he said he just might start coming to church. It's been hard on him, but I do believe that everything that has happened to him has and is leading him closer to the Gospel. It's so amazing to see the Lord work with his children.
   That's all I have for this week. There's more in my letters to you anyway. Speaking of letters,  I can't wait to talk to you all on Mother's day! It will be so good to hear your voices again. I love you all and wish the best for you! Stay cool!
                       -Elder Bevell-