Monday, December 27, 2010


Tues Dec 21, 2010

Email # 11 - Twin Falls, ID

Bevell Family,

Hi! I was so glad to hear your voices on Christmas, and to hear about what you got, what your doing, and all that you have planned. I loved your presents, and was truly amazed at them because all of them were things that I saw at stores, wanted to buy, and decided to wait till I was sure I had the money. (Except the church history Cd's, those I have not seen at any store but I love them anyway!) lol. I also got a few things from the Vipps, (the family we are staying with.) They gave me a new tie, some candy and a small bowling dice game.

So the work has slowed down ALOT because of Christmas and New Years. It’s really frustrating but we are trying hard not to get discouraged or trunky. And even though things were looking hard we still went out on Monday with no lessons or appointments set up, and ended the day with 4 lessons! We felt blessed that God had given us people to teach so we wouldn't feel like we were wasting his time.

So, new year

I haven't thought about those yet actually but when I come up with some I will let you know! =D

Some other things though, Mom I'm almost out of my preventative pills so what do I do to get more? And please send one of my Cd's for Elder Mitchell. He's really looking forward to hearing it!

OH, I almost forgot, Izaak, you will love what Elder Mitchell got me for Christmas and we will so play it when I get home. He got me, HALO the board game!! lol Its pretty fun and I know you will like it, so I will try to take care of it and keep it in good condition.

Well, that's all I got for this week, hope you all are doing well and having fun. Thanks for all that you do, your love, and prayers. I'll keep praying for ya. Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 2:30 PM

Email #12 - Twin Falls, ID

Hey Mom!!

Yes, I did get the birthday box and I loved every inch of it. Especially the Hoops and Yoyo card! I laughed hard at that one! So I will start off by telling you what time and what day I will be calling you! I have decided that I will call you around 8:00, 8:30ish. Which is about 9:00 for me. I am very excited to talk to you all, and to open the presents you sent me!!

How did your appointment with the eye Doctor go? I hope there was some good news in the visit and that they can do something about it, and that it won’t be too expensive.

So I will be sending you all a tape that I made with songs, and a few stories that I recorded, and there is one thing on there that I think Dad will appreciate. I made up a story that I think the "silly twisted boy" will enjoy. ;D Sadly though it will arrive after Christmas because I haven't finished it yet.

OH! Speaking of Teasha, one of the ward missionaries here has added her as a friend on facebook! Her name is Ciera, and she is waiting for you Mom to add her as a friend on my fbook page! So add her! lol.

We don't have plans for Christmas dinner set in stone yet, due to the millions of offers we have had. But we do have a Christmas tree! Its a small candy cane tree that Amanda sent me! I love it.

I'm also glad to hear that the family Christmas party went ok. That's something I really miss here. Tell Grandma Bevell I say hi and that I love her and miss her!

Well, enough about all of you, what about ME!? Well we haven't been too busy this past week because of Christmas coming up, and also the fact that Elder Mitchell got strep throat and we couldn't leave the house for two days!!!! That part drove me a little crazy. But he is better now, so we are doing our best to find people who would like to hear our message.

Breck, I loved your letter and hearing about the winter concert. Zach wrote me finally and sent me the picture of us together during the photo shoot for the year book. He wants it back but I told him to call you guys for my copy which is on the fridge cause I am keeping this one! lol. Tell him that I miss him, I'm praying for him, and that I love him like a brother.

Speaking of brothers, IZAAK!!!!!! I loved the pictures of you wearing MY shirt, and MY hat!! The only thing that would have made it better if you had been listening to MY ipods, and using MY cell phone!! Haha. I’m so glad to see that you are doing well man. And it sounds like you had a blast on your first camp out! I can't believe how much older you look ALREADY. You’re going to be a man by the time I get home! I love ya.

Mom and Dad, thanks for the stories. I thought of you Dad as I read the story of the Jewish Santa. Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it sure is hard as a missionary. I want to be lost in the work, but everyone else is spending time with family so no one has time to hear us so we are left with nothing to do but look at families spend time together. I really miss you all.

Know that I love you,that I'm still praying for ya, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. God bless you all.

-Elder Bevell-

p.s. I still need my driving record so I can drive the car here on my mission. lol

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Baptism Talk - and Story of Jonah Clip

Date: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 4:14 PM

Email #10 – Twin Falls, Idaho

Hey everyone!!

Thank you all so much for the birthday letters and thank you Amanda for the box of candy and the candycane Christmas tree! I love it!

Things are starting to pick up a bit, even the weather. Elder Mitchell and I rode our bikes in the rain today and got SOAKED!! We would have had the car but the other elders are being very rude and wont give it to us even though it's our day to have it. (I will send more details in paper Mom.)

I'll get this out of the way real fast, Elder Mitchell broke his toe while we were playing capture the flag in the church building on Thanksgiving. (we stayed out of the chapel) lol if you want details you will have to ask Elder Mitchell.

Now to this past week. Transfers are now in process and Elder Mitchell and I are staying in Twin Falls as companions!!!!!!!!!! We are both very happy about this even though we dont get along all the time. It's kinda funny because sometimes Elder Mitchell thinks that he is the only normal person on the planet. One example: we were in a meeting and the wall behind us made a noise because of plumming. Normal right? So we all ignored it but Elder Mitchell started laughing at it. Every time it made a noise he would laugh and we would all stare at him. After the meeting he said, "I don't know why you all dont find that funny." lol So basically most the things I do, down to how I eat bread, is weird to him. lol. I look at him a lot and say "I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!! haha XD

The Trumbull girls baptism was very good. Considering we were almost 20 minutes late and I had to give the first talk! Let me explain, after we had gotten everything ready we didn't want to sit and waste a beautiful hour doing nothing, so we rode our bikes to deliver some papers to the ward mission leaders. In one house they offered to make us pancakes cause it was still in the morning, and since we hadn't had breakfast we accepted. Right as the pancakes were ready we got a call asking us if we were coming to the baptism. The baptism was supposed to be starting right then! Luckily the ward mission leader was able to give us a ride there. As soon as we got there the meeting started and my talk went very well and the two girls were happier then I have ever seen them. (and I've seen them pretty happy before.)

Well thats all I've got this week, here is a video that a member showed us of a little girl telling the story of Jonah and the whale! It is AWESOME!!! Hope you enjoy it.

I love you all, miss you, and pray for you. Stay cool and have fun!!

-Elder Bevell-

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Email #9 – Twin Falls, Idaho

Hey Ma!! I'm so glad to hear that you had a good birthday and that you’re not as old as you thought you were! lol So I've been thinking about what I could send you for your b-day and decided that you would like some pictures so here are a few pictures from the mtc that I edited on my camera and some others that you might like as well! Even a few from Joe Basslers baptism!

Things are starting to pick up a bit now that the wards are starting to contact people and give us names to teach. We also go on splits with them every Tuesday and Wednesday so we can cover more ground. One family I am excited to teach is the Frames. They are less active and the youngest boy is 7, his name is Zakary. His mom wants him to have the missionary lessons and we said yes, we also hope that when we teach him the rest of the family will be present so that they can learn as well.

We have another baptism set for this Saturday, the 11th. The people getting baptized are the two Trumbull sisters. They are ages 8 and 11 and are very excited to be baptized! They asked me to speak on baptism at their baptism, so this will be my first time talking at a baptism. How exciting!

That's all I got for this week, thank you for the letters from everyone on Thanksgiving! I loved them and wished I could have been with you all. But I know I'm where I need to be. Happy birthday Mom, I love you so much, thank you for teaching and raising me in the gospel. You truly are an amazing woman. To the rest of the family I love you too, and pray for you all the time. Stay cool, and keep having fun!

-Elder Bevell-

p.s. Tell everyone in the play that I miss em and know they are doing an awesome job! And buy a DVD of it for me! lol.