Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st Baptism ...

Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 10:20 AM

Email #8 - Twin Falls, Idaho

Hey Mom,

It is pretty cold down here. Most the roads are covered in ice, so I'm kind of glad that I can't drive yet. Speaking of driving the last piece of paper work I need in order to drive is a copy of my current state motor vehicle record. Elder Mitchell tells me that you will need to go into the DMV and ask for a copy of it, it will probably cost about 5 dollars. If you need a copy of my drivers license just let me know so I can send you a copy. I'll probably just send you one in my next letter. =)

Now because of the ice on most of the roads we don't bike. So when we don't have the car we just walk. (We share the car with another set of elders.) But recently elder Mitchell broke his toe, so we have the car until that's healed! What a blessing! (That we get the car) I still haven't bought a new bike because we haven't been riding bikes.

We have quite a few elders in our area, I can't remember all their names though. I am so glad that my companion follows the rules, and sets the right example for me. I haven't seen much of President Cannon, he's always busy, and so far I have only been to one training.

We are staying in the house of a member couple called the Vippermans. (You have the right mailing address btw so if you want to send me packages just send them to that address!) They are a nice older couple who are fun to talk with. We live in their basement and they let us use their kitchen to cook any meals we have to make ourselves. We make sure to clean up after ourselves though so sister Vipp doesn't have to.

The names of our baptisms are Joe Bossler who will be baptized this Saturday! We are very excited for that! The other person is a 20 year old girl named Aubrey! She is getting baptized in her home ward which is out of our area, but it still counts as our baptism!!! lol We have been trying to get a hold of Frank and Dillan but they never answer their phone. It’s really sad because I was really excited to teach Frank. He seemed so ready to hear the gospel, but we haven't given up on them yet!

Thanksgiving was good. We had it at a less active members house, the Osburns. They're a fun family with 3 kids and they had other family over so we ate turkey and played games (I brought curses and the kids loved that!)

SO! Carsten texts you that he enjoyed my letter but doesn't even bother to write me back! Well you tell him, that he cannot tell you to tell me thanks for anything!! If he wants me to hear from him He needs to WRITE me!!! lol.

I hope everyone is doing well, Breck, I loved your last letter and will be writing to you soon with my own funny story! And Izaak, I hope you are reading your scriptures still and trying to be a peacemaker, same with you Breck! Thanks Mom and Dad for all you do for me, I really appreciate it! I love you all.

-Elder Bevell-

p.s. Have you mailed the CD's I asked for yet? If not just send them to the address I am staying at. Thanks! =D

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