Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Email #4 – Twin Falls, Idaho

Brant Bevell
date Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 10:08 AM
subject IM HERE!!

So, here I am out in the field finally! it's really cool and feels great to be teaching real people. I'm in the Twin Falls West area right now and my new companion is Elder Mitchell. He's been out for about 14 months now and I'm loving serving with him already. We're on bikes right now and the air is chilly. (But I'm LOVING the cold. lol) last night we taught the Well's last night, the family consists of the mom, two boys and one girl. The dad passed away a few years ago, the kids are pretty active in the church but the mom is kind of mad about God taking her husband. And its not because she loved him, she said that threw out their marriage they were always fighting and not happy all the time. So now she is mad because she feels that God is telling her to be happy even though he is gone, and on top of that she feels that its should be his job to raise the kids. not hers. But at the same time she really loves her kids so its really confusing.
Now for some really cool stuff! We got two calls this MORNING from people asking to meet with us. Elder Mitchell is very excited and tells me that this has never happened on his mission so far EVER. So already I am seeing how the Lord blesses his missionaries and prepares people to hear our words.
Ok Mom. I have a question for you. My bike right now is from another missionary who is willing to sell it to me for 20 bucks. However the bike has about just as much worth as an American 20 dollar bill today. Its glitchy and keeps switching gears on me all the time. So my question is, should i buy a new bike, or just deal with this one? Let me know what you think cause i trust your judgment.
I am having fun, feeling the spirit and LOVING the people (and the weather). Love you all, stay cool! =)
Elder Bevell

1st Companion - Elder Mitchell

This picture was sent to my cell phone by Sister Casperson - who fed Brant his 1st dinner in the mission field. The Bevell family thanks you Sis Casperson - What a thoughtful thing to send us a picture! And to feed these two young men. May you feel the blessings! Smiles - Sean A'lee

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