Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2-Twin Falls Idaho

Email #5 - Twin Falls, Idaho

Brant Bevell

Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 3:28 PM

Hey everyone. I am feeling really tired already and I haven't even done anything yet! lol. Well I have, it’s just that I shouldn't feel this tired at the beginning! So here is the lay down for this past week.

Tuesday the 2nd of Nov- met the Wells family and taught the mom about the Atonement. Kids are active she is not.

Wednesday the 3rd of Nov- Met with a young man named Niels who is a less active, and has a problem with the word of wisdom. We taught him about repentance, and how through Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. He seemed to be happier afterwards. Then met with Mattie, and older woman in her late 80s who loved telling the same stories over and over. She also loves to give us apple juice and ice cream. We also met with a new investigator named Aubrey. (it made me think of you Breck

Thursday the 4th of Nov- Started the day out by helping with the bishops store house and gave food to the poor. That was fun. We then had splits with the ward but no one came so we just went with the ward mission leader, and no one was home that night ether. lol

Friday the 5th of Nov- I had my first District meeting and was very entertained as one of the elders came in with a giant Book of Mormon costume on made out of a cardboard box.(a boxen lol) it was very funny. We then met with a woman named Michelle, who is inactive and divorced. Her oldest daughter just graduated from high school and is pregnant and doesn't want anything to do with her mom. It’s a sad situation, and strangely Michelle is one of my favorite people to visit. Not sure why just yet, but will let you know when I do know. lol. Next we taught Gail, a 13 year old girl who is investigating, (and apparently has a crush on me. man even in a wrinkled suit I can’t keep the girls away! ;D.) Our finally lesson was with Diana, a woman in her early 50s who is very energetic and excited to learn the gospel. I love teaching her. We taught her the restoration and about Joseph smith seeing God and Jesus. She believes that Joseph could have seen Jesus but does not think that God shows himself to anyone. (lol)

Saturday the 6th of Nov- this day my companion Elder Mitchell started getting sick, so we spent alot of time at home so he could sleep and fight it off. As a Greenie I was a little uncomfortable because I wanted to go out and "do the work" But I also understood that if my companion is sick that would be hard. so I endured that day.

Sunday the 7th of Nov- We attended five sacrament meetings, all of which were great. It was also fast Sunday so I was fasting for my companion Elder Mitchell to get better, and now he is just fine. (thank you Heavenly Father) later that night we visited the Basslers {Bauss-lers} they are a fun family with very lively kids. 4 boys and 2 girls. The youngest Zoe was recently attacked by a dog and has stitches on her lips. She looked very traumatized and will probably never like dogs again.

And that was my week in a nut shell. lol (a very big nut shell) Now to your questions Mom. Yes I have my mission call. and about the bike another Elder is willing to sell me his for 200 and it's in much better condition then the one I was going to buy at the store. And as to the member contact have them contact the Vippermans, that's who we are staying with. They are in Twin Falls West stake in the 4th ward. Hope that helps. Hope you are all doing well, get better Izaak, I'm praying for ya. I love yo all.

Elder Bevell

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