Friday, October 22, 2010


Email #2 - MTC

From: Brant Bevell
Date: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 1:51 PM
Subject: Start of Week 2

So another week has gone by and everything is going swell, just swell. I got to go through the temple on Friday morning, that was the best way for me to start my day! The Provo Temple is just beautiful. I got a picture of me and Elder Jones standing in front of the Temple so i will be sending that so you can post it on the blog.

Now something funny. It's Pday today, so i grabbed my new pants that i haven't even worn yet and they were kinda tight on me. I have gained almost ten pounds already just at the MTC!!!!!!!! So mom, if you could send me some pants with the waist around 34, that would be nice. lol OH! and please send me my brown coat, with the fur on the inside. I'm going to be needing that for pdays in Idaho. lol.

Now about what I'm learning… The other day we reviewed the first lesson, which is about the restoration with Joseph Smith and the first vision. Our teacher then asked us to teach as if we were talking to a nine year old. It was here that i am so grateful for all the times mom that you asked me to teach your class. It was so easy for me, and now i really wish that i get a nine year old investigator. Its not impossible, one of the teachers here at the MTC actually had one! She said it was the best investigator she had ever had. Also when i teach as if to a child, the spirit speaks so much louder! I'm not sure why but it does. I loved it.

We have some new elders who arrived to the MTC this last Wednesday. They are loving it so far except one. he was so home sick that he really got sick. Today would have been his second day but he decided to go home. All of us in his district are broken hearted about it. We all wanted to get to know him and be his friend, and make him feel welcome here. But he didn't give us that chance. We all are praying for him. I love my family, and i miss you guys, but I'm also aware that there are people out there who hate their families, and the truths of the gospel can help bring them together. I know what it's like to have a loving family united in the gospel, and i want as many families as i can help to have that as well.

Thank you all for your letters, support, and love. It really makes my day when i hear from you all. Kara, i hope your classes go well, good luck! I'm sure you will do great! Cousins Sarah and Zephra, i love you both so much! thank you for writing me! And good luck at your new school Sarah! you are going to have so much fun learning, i just know it!

(Mom, i will answer both by email and by letter so if you want to you can type up my letters to the blog as well. Thanks for everything, i love ya!)
I love you all!!!
Elder Bevell

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  1. YEAH! Made a mothers day to get this email. By the way - anyone who would like can write Brant at This site will actually deliver the letter to them at the MTC for free. Brant's box number is #249 and he will be in the MTC until November 2nd... Blessings to all! Smiles