Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week One!

Email # 1 - MTC

October 16, 2010

Dear Family,

First off I want you all to know that i miss you all. But at the same time I am so glad to be on my mission. Like you said mom I can already feel the blessings of being a missionary in my heart.

I have very little time so here are the details. The MTC is very fun! i wake up at 6 every morning, shower, brush my teeth (and floss) say my morning prayer then off to class! We start class with a song and prayer and end the same way. we are just starting to work on the first discussion, and I am really feeling the spirit as I learn how to apply the lessons to the lives of who we will be teaching. The best way we teach is by testimony, and my testimony has done nothing but grow up here.

My companion is awesome! his name is Elder Jones, he's from Branson Missouri. He writes screen plays for movies and loves to draw. Most importantly though; he has a strong testimony of the gospel. I am so glad to have him as my first companion.

Oh and here is something for Carsten! Tell him that at the air port I had the honor of being on the same flight with Ben Smith, and that were both at the MTC here together!! He will like that. OH, and also tell him that I met the person who made the crazy triple kill on Halo that he told me about. He's from England and is in our room as well! lol.

I’m almost out of time so I have to say goodbye. I love you all and pray for you every night! Izaak, you may use my blue scriptures, and Mom please mail me my book of mormon figure Ammon from the old house! Thanks and I love you all. Stay cool!

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  1. I was pleased and surprised to see our first letter arrive by email today... 10-16-10. What a good feeling to know Elder Bevell is enjoying the MTC and learning the things he should. We as a family are truly blessed. WE LOVE YOU ELDER BEVELL! Smiles - Your family...