Friday, October 22, 2010

1st Letter from MTC - Provo Utah

October 22, 2010

Dear Family
WOW! I am so overwhelmed by all the letters! What are you all doing, writing everyday!? lol But I love it! I love reading about you guys and how God is already blessing you. So to answer you all, I’m going to just address you individually. I’ll go from youngest to oldest.

I miss you too little bro. Your last letter made me tear up a bit as I can see how you’re letting God change you. I love that you are reading the scriptures, and actually studying them! Breck also told me that you are now the one getting everyone ready for scripture study. I’m so proud of you. I promise you Izaak, that as you keep reading the scriptures, and think about what you read in your heart, and you pray to Heavenly Father to know that what you read is true, God will answer you through the Holy Ghost. I love you Izaak, stay cool!

First of all… I would like to say…I’m using a red pen!! Lol =P
I love your letters Breck, You have such a way with writing and I’m frankly very jealous of that. I miss your hugs too btw. So, everyone in choir missed me already? I really didn’t know I had an impact of that many people. People really are watching us Breck and not to make you paranoid or anything, but heir watching you now. So be the daughter of God you know you are, be a friend to anyone and everyone, and your high school experience will be awesome.
Now about Elder Jones. He really is an awesome guy, he like to write screenplays for movies and he’s also writing his own book! It’s a Sci-Fi, but he’s not working on it while on his mission. The other day in gym he tore a muscle on his left leg, so now has to do these stretches for 3 months. He’s doing a lot better now, and hasn’t complained once! He really is the best companion to have. And Elder Redpath, our roommate, (one of them anyway). He is from England with the accent and all. He said my accent sounds completely fake =(. And he HATES American Chocolate!!... says it tastes like the cheap stuff from home. And our last Elder in our room, Elder Olivas… He is a convert for about a year and a half. He has one of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever heard, and love the hymns. Sings one every morning.
Well, that’s all from me to you. Keep me posted on your dates and stuff, the blind date you and Alec had made me laugh! I loved it. Stay cool Breck, I love you.

My first Sunday at the MTC was perfect, on Sundays the spirit is even stronger. I love that you post my letters on a blog, because even as I write to you my family… I hope others who read them will be able to learn from my experiences.
Speaking of experiences – On Tuesday the 19 of this month we had a huge fireside, and guess who spoke… Elder Russle M. Nelson!!! It was so awesome. As he walked into the room you could feel him enter. The spirit was so strong, and everyone paid closer attention as he spoke on how to be better missionaries. He told us that after we convert and baptize someone, that we should stay in touch with them. “Remember your converts, and keep track of them.” This way they are sure to stay strong in the church. He also explained our true purpose as missionaries. Our main goal isn’t to baptize or teach,(both are important) but our main purpose is to establish the Lord’s church. Wow – it was amazing!
I haven’t seen Matthew yet. There are so many new missionaries. But when I do I will let you know. I also found a machine that will print my pictures from my cards!! So I can just mail you some. I’ll send a picture of my companion (Elder Jones), and Elder Redpath, and Elder Olivas! I love you mom, Keep me updated on how you are. =) <3

Thank you for the info on the Tea Party. I’m sorry I missed the 17 yr old, and I’m glad to thing that some youth are getting involved. I realized a funny thing the other day, I’m the youngest one in my zone!! Everyone else is 20, 21 and even 22. It’s weird!! lol Also, thank you for taking the time to teach me about your vies of the gospel, they have helped me so much. You spoiled me with truth, and I thank you for that. You’re the best Dad… I love you.

And to all my friends reading this, and family, --- Thank you all for your letters of love and support. I miss you all, and hope and pray that you are doing well! You are all awesome.
Thank you,
Elder Bevell

P.S. Breck, tell Zach I miss him too, and hope he writes me… thanks

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