Monday, July 2, 2012

"Shout outs" to the Missionaries.

Date: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 1:09 PM
Email #91 – New Plymouth, ID

Hey Brecky!!
   This is really cool getting the weekly email from you! I really like how I can just tell it's you writing. You and Mom have different ways of explaining stuff. lol.
   Man, I am not looking forward to working in the heat. I realized the other day why I suddenly enjoy working outdoors. It's because it isn't over 100 out here!! But I'm glad you and Izaak are able to have some fun. It's also good to hear that Izaak has someone to hang out and help him be a happy worker. Be sure to give my thanks to Cody for being a great friend.  Izaak! I'm also glad of you Breck for looking for ways to help reduce Mom's work load. That is something I wish I could do right now. I'm going to ask Mom to teach me how to close up shop so she can leave earlier in the day while I am still there. I too love our parents as well, very much. Mom is always trying her best to have a positive attitude, and Dad is a great example of working diligently. And together they are the perfect example of how a couple should be. That's what I want for me and whoever my “soul sister” is. lol.
   Anyway, about my week, the work keeps going forward. We taught 29 lessons. It's crazy! And we even found two new people to teach! The first one we tracted into, her name is Debbie. She was getting ready to go to school but let us come in and share a short message with her about the Book of Mormon, and afterwards accepted one. We taught her about the restoration. She has a ton of really good questions. She will most likely be baptized. Hopefully this transfer cause I'm afraid I might not be here this transfer. The second person was a referral from a dinner appointment. They said we should visit their neighbor which we did and set a return appointment with him. He's an older man who said we could come back and talk with him. Not too sure what all will be happening with that one.
   On a cool note, we had a few shout outs to the elders this last Sunday. A shout out is when a member gets up at the pulpit and brags about the missionaries.  We had five members do that as they bore their testimony! It was awesome! lol. Lots of member trust!
   I'm also excited for all the missionary moments you are having Breck! If you are feeling like you don't know enough or want to know more I would suggest going to the Gospel principles class on Sunday. Every ward should have one. That's the class we take our investigators to. You will definitely learn there.
   Well, I hope Mom and Dad have a good trip. OH! Hi grandma! I hope you are doing good as well. It was really good to talk to you on Mother’s day. I also look forward to your amazing tacos when I get home!! lol.
   I love you all, you are in my prayers and I hope you have an amazing day!
Stay cool!
                            -Elder Bevell-

p.s. just some random pics. Love ya!

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