Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Training

Date:     Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:51 PM
Email #94 – New Plymouth, ID
subject:                The Second to Last Transfer!

Dear Bevell Family,
   So transfers are very exciting. Elder Melchior is off to Nampa, (That's actually the sad part. I really liked serving with him.) I am still going to be in New Plymouh, but with a new missionary. Yep, I'm TRAINING!!!! I'm over in Boise right now and will be till Wednesday when I will get my new "green" companion. There are only two English missionaries coming into the mission, and both of them look like they will need a lot of work. The first one looks like he has never smiled his whole life, the second..........well he's probably never stopped smiling. lol. Needless to say I am very excited to make the start of these Elders mission’s a blast!

" new companion Elder Olinger! He is from Ozark Missouri, and is awesome. Here is a picture of us with President Cannon! I'll give more details on Monday. Stay cool!
              -Elder Bevell-"

   So this last week was filled with Elder Melchior saying goodbye to people and getting pictures. Don't worry we still worked and taught people.
   One great proselyting opportunity came up when the first and second ward in New Plymouth held a pioneer day rodeo! That was very fun. We saw a lot of our investigators there and were also able to set up new appointments with them. As for the rodeo part, Elder Melchior and I won the egg toss, got 4th place in the 3 legged race, and ate 14 bananas each! The banana part was a contest between us and one of the bishops and his councilors. We sat at two separate tables, had blindfolds placed over our eyes, and then peeled and eat the bananas. Needless to say I was very sick of bananas by the end. Which after we finished I realized that the bishop and his councilor had eaten only one banana each, and had placed all their bananas on OUR table and laughed as we stuffed our faces. It was a PRANK!!! lol. It was still really fun though and everyone said we were good sports. Over all, I believe the people in New Plymouth got a very good impression of the LDS missionaries.
   Ok, This is the trunky part of the letter. I really am trying hard not to count down, but it seems that every time I look at the date I suddenly just know how much time I have left. 13 weeks!!! That's such a small number yet it's so far away!  And when you talked about Breck starting collage in January and trying to figure stuff out for me that only added to it. But that is something we do need to figure out. I actually want to attend CGCC. So if you could figure stuff out for there that would be helpful. I know the choir director there as well. I don't know if that will help with anything but it's worth a shot. Also, I don't know what I am going to do for work, for income. I know I will be working at the ranch but everyone who works there has a second job. I do not want to be mooching off Mom and Dad anymore, and I'm sure you guys agree with that idea.
   And another thing. The Boise temple is being rededicated on the 18th of November, and president Monson is doing that. I have never been inside this temple and I want to be here for the rededication! So if it can work I was hoping that I got home we could come up as a family to see the dedication then take a small mission tour!!! There are a few people that I would really like you all to meet and I know you would all enjoy that.
   Anyway, this is me right now.  Waiting for a greenie, trying to plan for the future without getting too trunky, and simply loving my life. This really has been the best experience of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love you all. Know that the gospel is true, that Christ is our Savior, and God is very much real. Take care and stay cool!
                     -Elder Bevell-

p.s. The picture is of an investigator family we found while tracting. the Mom is Debie Horton, the twin girls are Sage and Lane, (Sage is the bigger one.) and there older brother Ryan. I am positive they will be baptized this next transfer!

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