Monday, June 25, 2012

Been a "WOW" week...

Date:     Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 1:07 PM
Email #90 – New Plymouth, ID

Dear Bevell Family,
   It has been a wow week! Elder Melchior and I have been pushing hard and miracles are happening in New Plymouth. This week was a 28 lesson week! But that is not the best part. The best part was what we did a lot of this week. Tracting!!!
   Yep, this week we decided to fill in our free time with tracting, and I am grateful we did. I have never had this much success in tracting before. Most of the tracting happened in the Fruitland 3rd ward, which is our slowest ward. We met all kinds of people. They were kind, some were not, some would slam the door, and others stand and listen then say no. Some would thank us for our efforts to make the world a better place, others told us we were going to hell. Only one really got my blood boiling.
   Anyway we did find some people who were very receptive. We passed out a few book of Mormons, and we even set some return appointments. One of them was Debbie. She is Hawaiian and she really wants to know the truth. We met with her yesterday with our ward mission leader. She asked a lot of questions about Joseph Smith which we answered and invited her to hear our entire message. We testified that the message we have to share will bless her life and it is something she will want in her life. She accepted! New investigator!!!
   This Sunday was a really good one as well. A mom spoke about her son who is out on his mission and how much he has learned so far. I sat and thought about everything that has happened to me on my mission and all that I have learned as well. It's a lot. lol. The stuff that stands out to me the most is how much better I am at recognizing the spirit, how I'm not afraid to talk to just anyone and everyone, (well not as much as I used to be anyways.) I'm a better leader, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion in the proper settings anymore. Best of all though is how much my faith and testimony has grown. I know this gospel is what I need in my life. It's because of this gospel that I am who I am today.
   Well, that’s all I got for now. I'm glad to hear you are all save and having fun. You are in my prayers. I love you all. Stay cool!
                       -Elder Bevell-

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