Monday, June 11, 2012

Staying in New Plymouth!

Date:     Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:34 PM
Email #88 – New Plymouth, ID

Hello Bevells!
   My week has been superb!! Want to know why? It's because Elder Melchior and I did more than just achieve our weekly goals we exceeded them! We planned for 20 total lessons this week and ended with 23!!! This is the first time on my mission having taught over 20 lessons, and it feels great. We are hoping to get even more this next week.
   Oh and transfers are, I'm staying with elder Melchior! =D We work really well together. And I missed getting my stuff to elder Johnson so hopefully the zone leaders can get it to him before he ships out. And no I did not give him your phone number, just our address on the box.
   I'm glad you are doing good, Mom, with your stomach. Did I tell you Elder Jones has to get his gall bladder taken out. I'm sure he will be just fine but a few more prayers can't hurt.
   So, like I said we had over 20 lessons this week so I am very tired. lol. It's the good tired though. It felt so good to be working hard, when we taught I could feel the spirit directing our conversation. We were able to resolve concerns, and help people better keep the commitments we give them. The greatest blessing of all this week however came from two single mom families. The Airaldis and the Huston. The two oldest Airaldi boys and Charity Huston all told their parents they want to be baptized ASAP! So we now have a baptism set for this Saturday the 16th and for the 23rd as well! I so very excited!!! The wards are very happy too since it's been a while since they had an investigator baptism. The Huston's even made their own special baptism invitations. I really love this area and I hope I stay here for the rest of my mission!
Good job Izaak on teaching the lesson on Sunday! I am really impressed. Breck, I hope and pray the doctors will be able to continue to help you, I love you and you are in my prayers! <3
    I love and miss you all; I will try hard to stay strong to the end! Thanks for your prayers love and support! Stay cool!
             -Elder Bevell-
p.s. The pictures go as follows:

   Elder Johnson and I.

   District picture.

   Me and my guns! lol.

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