Monday, June 18, 2012

Characteristics of Conversion

Date:     Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:07 PM
Email #89 – New Plymouth

   First off, I'm sorry that the past week wasn’t the best for you. But life is like that. Something I have noticed though on the mission is when you have a bad day, a good day usually follows! If not then a super good day will come when the bad days are over. lol.
   You will be happy to hear that I had a very good week as we had another 23 lessons this week! This only shows us that we can get at least 20 lessons each week here. We are truly seeing the blessings of the Lord in our lives.
We also had a baptism this last Saturday! Charity Huston was baptized and I was asked to perform the baptism and Elder Melchior confirmed her the following Sunday. The baptism was awesome. There were a few non members there so Elder Melchior taught about priesthood authority and how it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. The spirit was felt.
   Now for something cool I learned this week from my companion! We were having companionship study and were talking about what we could do to better feel and understand the promptings from the Holy Ghost in our lives. As we talked a random question popped up. Does our obedience show our conversion to the Gospel? We then read a little from "True to the Faith" under the section Characteristics of people who are converted. The five sections that are under that are;
 1.  They desire to do good.
 2.  They rebel not against the Lord.
 3.  They share the Gospel.
 4.  They are filled with love.
 5.  They strive for greater conversion.
I have decided to do my best to follow these five steps and I know that by doing so I will feel a greater abundance of God’s Love for me. I hope you find this just as powerful and cool as I do.
   I love you all, I love the mission and I love the gospel! I am so grateful that I came on a mission, for I know if I hadn't I would be in a very dark place. I am grateful for the second and third and unlimited chances that my Savior gives me and the strength I receive as I do my best to serve Him. You are always in my prayers! Stay cool!
                -Elder Bevell-

p.s. The pictures are Elder Melchior and I sword fighting. One of them is me holding Sting!!!!

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