Monday, April 23, 2012

House w/ Car Museum

Date:     Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 3:48 PM
Email #81 – New Plymouth, ID

Dear Bevell Family,
   Well it sounds like it's been a little rough for you all this last week. This last week was a little rough for Elder Kofoed and I as well.   Apart from that I'm doing fine.
Yes it is warming up and I am wondering how I am going to deal with the Arizona heat again!! lol. We did find one family while tracting, the Hunts. They couldn't talk at the time so we set a return appointment for Sunday. When we arrived the whole family was outside. The Mom and Dad were doing some yard work while the kids played in the yard.  The parents welcomed us warmly and sent the kids in the back so we could tell them what we had to say. We grabbed some chairs, sat down and the Dad looked at us and said, "Please tell us your message." So we taught them about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong, and the Mom looked very interested. The Dad however is very rooted his faith. His Father is a Nazarene preacher and is sounded like he has come in contact with a little Anti. But when they did ask questions they were very sincere, they really wanted to know what we believe. Especially the Mom who told us that they are looking to raise their kids to have faith in God and Christ. We gave them a Book of Mormon, and they promised to read it. As for lessons they just asked for our number and said they would call us when they were ready for more, but we are welcome there anytime! It was amazing! We will definitely be keep in touch with them.
   The study group is still in work. The topics we decided on are
1. Stick of Joseph and Judah
2. Temples throughout the ages
4.The Atonement
   And no I have not been to Letha. Sorry Br. Wood. lol. And congrats to Westley, Christian and Alec!! I'm so excited for them! Man everyone is just growing up now! Makes me feel old. lol. jk.
As to Carsten I usually hear from him once a week! We usually take a moment to email each other on pday. He is having a blast on his mission so far! I think he is in a Spanglish area (half Spanish half English) right now if I remember correctly. 
   Now as for what we did for pday today, it was epic! The sisters in our district have a family in one of their wards who has a car museum in his house!  Also a huge theater. So we decided to go there, watch the testaments in the theater then have a tour of the cars. Oh boy it was fun!!  I’ll send a few pics for you to see the epicness! lol.

That's all on me right now.
   I want you all to know that I love you, You are in my thoughts prayers and heart. I miss you all so much and am so grateful that I came out on the mission. It has helped me truly learn who I am. You are all the best. Take care and stay cool!
                        -Elder Bevell-

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