Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2012 General Conference

Date:     Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 3:29 PM
Email     #78 - New Plymouth, ID

Dear Bevell family,
   I feel that there has been much growth for me personally this conference weekend. I am so happy that you enjoyed it too! I loved the pictures as well and shed a few tears watching Kathy making her famous cookies. (sniff)

   So for conference Elder Kofoed and I watched each session at a different house! That made for an interesting experience. For the Saturday morning session we watched at the home of Brother Butlers. He is the high councilman over missionary work in our area. He has five sons, all of them under 12. Those are the only pictures I have of conference for me so I hope they suffice for you all.

   And seeing as I have left my conference notes at the apartment I will just write you all my highlights. Yes, I will be going back to writing you all because of something D. Todd Christofferson said in his talk. He talked about how hand written letters are of so much more worth and are cherished more than emails. That was my little chastisement from the Lord so I will start writing again. lol.
   The afternoon session we watched at Elder Kofoed’s aunt and uncles house. There names are Max and Liola and that was great. I loved the spirit that was felt there.
   Priesthood was awesome as usual. I look forward to hearing Izaak's and Dad's thoughts on it. In priesthood I strongly felt the desire to be a better missionary and help not only non-members but less actives come back to the faith. 
   Sunday morning was with Elder Kofoed's other uncle K.
   The final session we spent with a large family named the Garners who treat conference pretty much the same way we do! There was bowls of food and candy set up, and small games to play to keep the younger kids quiet. One thing they did as well was for every speaker each person present got a gummy worm. I however stopped taking one after I observed the youngest daughter, who was about 3, playing with the worms with her toes. lol. Elder Kofoed didn't see this however and before I could warn him popped one in his mouth. The look on his face however when I told him was priceless! lol (Mean I know but still funny. lol)  After conference was over we stayed with the Garners because they were also our dinner appointment for the night. We played some underhand pitch base ball with a plastic ball and bat which was very fun. We also played a few board games, talked about our favorite speakers and laughed at jokes. For a moment I felt like I was back home with you all, and that was a very good feeling. And I love that fact how we can review the words of the prophets so quickly after they have spoken.
   Now about our teaching. First off, turns out the seminary thing is only once a year.

   We are teaching a mother and daughter. (Carrol-Mom, Renne-daughter.) They are slowly progressing in the gospel. They have trouble keeping the commitment to read the Book of Mormon, but we can tell that they do have a desire to know the truth. All they need now is to take action which we cannot force them to do.
   Jon’s  wife was recently baptized and we have been working on getting him to take the missionary lessons. His hold back is he doesn't like organized religion. He believes that God doesn't speak to man thru one religion, which in a way is true and it's not. All men can receive revelation for themselves, but as to fully obeying the commandments we need a prophet to guide us on the mysteries of God and the priesthood to perform the proper saving ordinances. We just need to help him come to believe that as well. No biggie right? lol.
   Dave is.....interesting. I'm not really sure how to go about teaching him as he has told us several times not to push him towards baptism, (which I try not to do with anyone.) and that he will know the truth when he finds out. What a true statement. Elder Kofoed and I are trying to decide how to help him relate his life to the gospel, so hopefully something comes up soon.
   Well, this email has gotten long enough, I will tell you more of my Conference experiences in writing. I want you all to know that I am so very grateful for our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the guidance we receive from him. This conference was very powerful for me, and I look forward to applying the knowledge and revelation I have received. I hope you all will take what you have learned and apply it to your lives so you too can grow closer to the Savior. This church is true. I love you all and wish nothing but the best for you. Stay cool!
                             -Elder Bevell-

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