Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Spiritual Experiences...

Date:     Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 6:10 PM
Email #67 – Jerome, ID

Hey Bevells,
   Wow what a week! It started out with Bailey and I getting food poisoning!! It wasn't too bad, I just felt sick for a day, we think it was the dinner we had the night before. The hamburgers were probably not cooked all the way! I was afraid that the rest of the week would go badly because of that but I proved myself wrong. It's amazing how when we put our minds to it we can do great things!  Our total lesson goal was 1 for the week and we managed to get 10! We would have had 12 but two fell through but hey who's counting!! (oh, I guess I am. lol) of course it's not about the numbers the numbers just shows our progress and I am just happy to see progress.
   I had two big spiritual experiences this week. The first came at an investigators home, his name is Shayne. His friend Jason lives with him and at first didn't want to hear anything about the church. But this week he came to us with some questions.   As I testified to him of the church he asked me "What have you seen or felt that makes you believe your church is true?" When he asked that I felt a great calm come over me and I felt prompted to share my conversion. Which I gladly did, also sharing the scripture Moroni 10:3-5. At the end he didn't have anything to say. I could tell though that he was trying to fight the spirit which made me feel really sorry for him.
   The second spiritual experience came at a dinner appointment. The Andersons fed us and they are a wonderful family. We had breakfast for dinner, and I shared a spiritual thought with the family. It was a trick that I have learned on the mission that involves two forks, a glass and a tooth pick. I interlock the forks prongs so that they stick together and using the tooth pick I balance them on the cup. I then use a match to light the end of the tooth pick that is hanging on the inside of the cup. As the pick burns you watch as it gets closer to the edge of the cup and burn out. You then knock off the burn end and watch as the forks stay balanced on the cup!! You then relate it to how if we have faith in Christ we will always be supported. The kids loved it, and afterwards the parents told us that they could feel that Elder Bailey and I were true missionaries and they thanked us for coming into their home. The kids even shared their testimonies with us!
   That was my big spiritual experiences for the week. Sorry I emailed so late in the day, the library was closed again because of Martin Luther King Jr day.  Thanks for Tylers address I will try that again. Glad to hear you all get a little while longer to relax. Breck, good job on handling your seizures, and Izaak, stay cool! I love you all and think of you often and you are always in my prayers. Stay cool!

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