Monday, January 23, 2012

Pepe Le Pew!

Date: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 10:45 AM
Email #68 – Jerome, ID

Story from Home:  How to catch a skunk?!
So --- fun news ---  We had a visitor on Tuesday evening, Chris.  Anyway we were enjoying our visit and then as I headed off to bed we hear this weird noise outside the back door.  Dad said it sounded like something scratching on the back door.  This is on the Living room side of the house.  So what does dad do?!...  yep , he opens the door only to find a skunk trying to come in the house.  YIKES!  so he quickly shuts the door and now I am wondering what is going on.  Then Dad goes out the front door and around to see what is going on and the skunk is stuck between the screen door and the door to the house.  Ok... THIS IS NOT GOOD!  So, your dad is trying to open the screen door and not get sprayed at the same time.  Somehow he got the screen propped open only the skunk WOULDN'T leave.  I guess it was facing the door straight on with his tail straight up in the air.  Ok... by now he is definitely spraying.  So then upon a closer look your dad realizes that he had slammed the skunk’s front feet in the door to the house.  THE SKUNK COULDN'T GET AWAY!!!!  oh great! Who does that!?  Catches a skunk by the toe?  LOL.  So Chris came back in the house to open the door just enough to get the skunk free.  Needless to say he wasn't moving very fast... and then he hid behind a table on the back porch.  So dad and Chris scared it away from the house.  Then Dad got the 22 and was going to kill it... I made my helpful remark... "Don't shoot your eye out with that thing".  LOL.  It was so funny seeing Dad and Corny chase this skunk around the back of the house and then Dad comes back in --- looking frustrated.  I asked if he got him and he said... " The SAFETY was on!!!!"  LOL, LOL, LOL... So Pepe Le Pew lives another day!

Dear Bevell Family,
   Sounds like the Bevell family had another adventure this week with large groups of people and evil skunks! lol. I loved the skunk story and almost wish I could have been there for it. Almost. lol.
   Anyway I did get your letters yesterday and I enjoyed them very much. I will be mailing my responses sometime this week. So I will just wish Breck an early happy birthday. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BRECK!!!!!! The big old 18! Man, everyone is just growing up while I'm gone!
   Elder Bailey and I had a pretty good past week. A big thing that happened was that President Cannon came to spend a day in Jerome! He spent the day with one of our zone leaders so we had the other one with us. So we were a tri-panionship for the day. We also had lunch with President over at a small burger joint called the Burnt Lemon. They have good burgers there.
   We are also seeing improvement in ward mission work. We got another list of names to contact and the ones we don't know too much about the people in the ward are contacting for us. Its slow going but good to see the wards catching the spirit of missionary work!
   Now let me tell you about a cool spiritual experience I had this week. (as if you can say no.) Yesterday in Church my favorite talk was given by a youth speaker. She spoke about flamingos! Did you know that the reason their feathers are pink is because of the food they eat? If they stopped eating whatever it is they eat their feathers would turn white. She talked about how because of their food they stood out and could be identified as flamingos. We are the same. Whatever we eat/ take into ourselves (physically and spiritually) influences how others see and identify us. If we are members of the church then we should be feasting upon the words of Christ. It's by doing so that we get that "shine" that others see in us and wonder about. It's a cool thought right!
   So Transfers are coming up next week. Next Friday is when we will get transfer calls.
    And you will be glad to know that I have a camera card ready for you all!
   Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all, Tell Zephrah I am so proud of her for choosing to get baptized! Take care and stay cool!
                          -Elder Bevell-

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