Monday, November 28, 2011

Loved the Package...

Date: Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 10:36 AM
Email #60 - Jerome, ID

Good morning Bevell Family,
   Or probably good afternoon by the time you read this. lol. Wow so much happens at the ranch! I love hearing about it all. I'm sure your all tired at the end of the day but I am also sure that you are having a blast! And I'm glad your Thanksgiving was great as well. I am so jealous that I missed seeing Tyler!! You need to write me his address asap so I can write him. Actually tell him to write me! That is probably easier. Tell him I miss him and hope to see him at my homecoming! It's also good to know that Ethen ans Shar are doing good. (Did they get married yet? I haven't heard anything about it.)
   Well I was surprised at your email as all your questions cover a part of my week!  Yes I loved the package! I am eating a grapefruit in the mornings and the people we live with love them as well! Yes I am sharing it all. I only got to meet br. Schneiderman when I picked it up. He seems like a really nice guy and he told me that he LOVED his stay up at the ranch and he loves you guys as well. I really do have the best family. lol. Elder Bailey and I are getting along just great. To answer your question he is from Hastings Michigan. Its a small town from what I 've heard, and he is 6,6. We work really well together. This last Saturday we taught Gary the first lesson and committed him to baptism! He truly has been prepared. He's also been coming to church for a whole month before meeting with us. He has a good amount of LDS friends who are a good influence on him. It was funny, he told us that when he told his friends that he was listing to the missionaries they were very surprised. lol.  We also had a surprise on Sunday when another investigator, Charlene came to church as well! Elder Bailey and His last companion have been trying hard to get her to come to church. We were happy and very pleased as the ward welcomed her in with open arms.  Also the Kuper family came to church as well. They have a nine year old son who we are teaching. We helped them to church by going over to their house before church and helped get the kids ready. It was fun, the kids love the missionaries and do what we tell them without complaint. Now if we can just get them to do that for their parents. lol. So we had three investigators at church this last Sunday. The fruit of our labors were very apparent in our numbers as well. Last week we had only two lessons. This week we had seven, and we got a list of 15 people who the wards want us to visit!
   I have not seen anyone that knows people from home yet. If I do I will let you know.
   Yes, I love it here.
   Yes, Its very pretty.
    The people are wonderful, and my GPS is helping. I actually don't really need to use the GPS here. The way the town is set up is a grid, so it’s easy to find your way around.
   As for my birthday and Christmas, all I want is my Grinch tie, my two front teeth and a hippo! lol.
   More details on the past week are in the letters that I just mailed off this morning. Sorry for the wait. You wouldn't believe how much mail Elder Bailey gets. He gets mail every day from his family and about three other girls! Its crazy! Just the other day we came home and there was a package and five letters....all for him!!! lol. I have gotten used to it though...somewhat. lol.
   Anyway, Thank you all for everything! I was looking at your pictures last night and wished so bad that I could hug you all. I love you and pray for you often. Take care, and stay cool!
                      -Elder Bevell-   

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