Monday, November 7, 2011

One of the Best!

Driving in town...- I (mom) knew I was going to miss getting an email to Elder Bevell.  Thanks to Aunt Erika - he had an email in his inbox --- Elder Bevell wrote back to the family thru her... Sweet!

Mon, 7 Nov 2011 11:57:25 -0800
Email #58 - La Grande, OR

Hey Aunt Erika! Thanks for letting me know about what's happening. Its also good to hear from you and know that you guys are doing well. I am so excited to hear about the upcoming baby! Do you guys have a name planned out for him yet?
   Hows Sarah Zephrah and Jacob doing? I miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you all again. Hows good ol Dave doing as well?
   Sadly I will not have an opportunity to check my email later today, So I will just tell you what I've been doing and you can forward it to my Family! lol, Consider yourself an email carrier! lol.
   I have been doing great! This past week has been one of the best weeks I have had on my mission. Work has gone back up a little but not as good as it has been. But that's not what made it so great. This week was stake conference, and I loved hearing the talks on Sunday. It felt like an actual general conference! I had my note book out and the talks were very inspired. One man who got up was actually a convert of six years and told the members what fears he had and how they can help future converts with similar fears. He talk about how different a world the church is. He literally had nothing to relate to down to the structure of the meeting house. The thing that helped him stay was a kind bishop who reached out to him in love and invited him to stay. One thing he said really stood out to me. He said," If converts do not have support and love from the members they will leave, even if they know it is true. We who are true followers of Christ can not let this happen." How powerful.
   My favorite talk though was given by a man named David Westenskow in the 4th ward. He only talked for 5 minutes, but it was powerful! He talked directly to the young men and how Satan is doing everything he can to get them to mess up. He said, "Satan is literally putting things in the path of your mission."  He encouraged the young men to try their best to not give into temptation, and if they have to go home and repent! "Wake up young men! Don't be fooled!" is what he said. His closed with this thought as well,"It is no coincidence that all these things, parties,school and girls pop up right before your mission. Satan planned that to keep you from finding those people that only you can find." How true is that. I hope you find that helpful Breck with that boy at school. Just be an example like you always are and bear testimony of the blessings that come from serving a mission. Not only for the missionary, but for the missionaries family as well. After that it is all up to him.
   So transfer calls are this Friday and I am pretty sure that I will be leaving. I will be sad to leave, this has been the best part of my misison. I will always remember the amazing people here in La Grande and I plan on visiting here after the mission. Hopefully with all of you guys as well. 
   Thank you all for all the love and prayers you give me. I feel it every day and it gives me the strength to move on during the hard times. I love you all and you are constantly in my heart and prayers. Stay cool!
                   -Elder Bevell-

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