Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest from Jerome ID visit the Ranch

Preface to this week’s email from Brant – Excerpt from Mom to Elder Bevell.
Hello Elder Bevell,
First off --- Please call Lynn Schneidermann.  His business is located in Jerome Idaho and he has a box from home for you!  How fun is that.  Now for the story.   He and two of his boys (Asa and Alex) stayed at the ranch this last Tues - Saturday.  They were attending a fishing tournament on Saguaro Lake.  Well the cool thing is that when Lynn called in the reservation I had told him that I had a son serving a mission in the Boise, ID mission.  He asked where you were at and I laughed and said "well, actually he is in LaGrande, OR right now".  Then you emailed us last Monday about your transfer and when he came on Tuesday I told him that you had been transferred.  He doesn't live in Jerome, so I didn't know if you were even close to where he was.  But when I told him Jerome, ID --- he said "That is where my business is!"  I was amazed.  He and his boys are sooooo nice.  He offered to take a box back with him since he was driving and we were all excited about that.  I hope you and your companion enjoy what we sent up.  Also --- the boys (Asa & Alex) are really cool youth.  Asa is the taller one in the pics with Breck.  He is 19 - your age.  I also gave them one of your cd's. 

Schneidermann Family From Jerome Idaho visits the Ranch

Alex, Emily, Breck & Asa

November 21, 2011 @ 10:33 AM 
Email #59 – Jerome, ID

Dear Bevells,
   First off, I am very excited to find out what you sent me!! I have been feeling kinda forgotten due to the fact that elder Bailey gets mail and packages EVERY DAY!! No joke! It's crazy! lol. So I am very excited to get something from you.
   Well it's my second Thanksgiving in the mission. I'm glad to hear the ranch will have some business that day. I have found that one of the best ways to celebrate most holidays is to give service. After all, the best part of Christmas is the giving not the getting.  One thing our mission president has asked us to do for Thanksgiving is to make a thank you note to someone. I plan on making one for the family we live with, the Farnsworths. Every morning Sister Farnsworth gets up early to make Elder Bailey and I breakfast. I'm going to take a picture of Elder Bailey and I, cut our faces out, draw cartoon versions of us and glue our heads to them then write a big THANK YOU in a word bubble. I'll send you a picture when it's finished. And that's how I am celebrating this Thanksgiving. (as well as eating a bunch of food and spending time with some families in the wards. lol.)
   This last week was one of the slowest I have had on the mission. Sadly this area was not in the best condition when I came in. So now Elder Bailey and I are working very hard to get the area back up to par. And we have seen a little success. We have received about five referrals from the members already, and one from Mormon. org. We contacted that one. His name is Greg, and he is GOLDEN! he has several good LDS friends and is really interested to learn about our faith. He has no religious background. He has also had an amazing experience. Apparently he was in a motorcycle accident. He was hit by a truck as he was going 60, he didn't break any bones. Yet another example of how God prepares his children to accept the message when they hear it.
   Now to comment on what the kids are doing! Breck, it seems like every time I hear about you you are going to a dance with some guy! What happened to the girl I used to know who said "I'm not ready to deal with boys yet."? lol, jk. I'm glad to see you going out and having fun. Just be sure to let all the guys know that if anything happens I will find them after my mission. THERE IS NO PLACE THEY CAN HIDE!!!!
   Izaak getting buff eh. I need to get back to working out as well. Did I tell you. I got on a scale last night and guess what it read. 184!!!!! I've gained weight and I am FAT! ok not to fat, I've actually always wanted to be about 180. Now I just need to turn it into muscle.
   How's Dan and Braylon doing? Have they found out if it's a boy or girl yet? Let me know.
That's it for me today. I've started a few letters to all of you so be looking for them by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I will try to see if we can find the people you said are here, but no promises. lol. I hope we can find them.
   I love you all, I pray for you every night. Take care and stay cool!
                            -Elder Bevell-
p.s. Here's a picture of me and Bailey. HES TALL!! lol.

Elder Bailey & Elder Bevell - Jerome ID

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