Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Items Needed...

Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 12:02 PM

Email #38 – LaGrande, OR

Hey there Fam!

So I will start this email off by giving you the info on what you need for the blog and where to send the package! Elder Watson is from North Carolina, Elder Mattei is from Illinois, and Elder Richards is from Indiana. And the package, You are correct with the things I need, cologne, inhaler, contacts, proactive and pants. I can't remember the brand of pants, I'm not wearing that brand right now, but I will write you the brand this week. So just wait to send the package till you get that so you won’t have to spend as much in mailing. I was pretty sure you wouldn't be able to get the GPS but thought I would ask anyway, its fine and thanks for hearing me out about it. I love you guys!

Now about what I have done this week! It has been a great week with a good amount of work happening! Last Tuesday we taught Sis Takahashi the third lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This time we had the Bishop there and we had him tell how the gospel has changed his life. He told Sis Takahashi how over 20 years ago he was an Atheist, and had married his wife who is a member of the church, how he took the missionary lessons and felt the power of the Holy Ghost and how he came to know God and build a relationship with him. It was amazing and the spirit was strongly felt. How grateful I am that we have such strong members to take to lessons to help testify of the changing power of this gospel!

We also went to teach Lale's wife Leini (lay-nee) but they had to cancel again. Darn! Leini isn't a member and will only join the church if she knows its true. She has very good questions and concerns that made me think hard before answering. One of them was about Abraham and how when he and his wife were going into Egypt God told Abraham to tell the Egyptians that she was his sister, not his wife. Leini's concern was why would God tell Abraham to break one of the ten commandments? "Wouldn't that make God a hypocrite?" Elder Richards then shared with her how God’s ways are higher than our ways, and that we will not always understand why God does some things. She accepted that answer. Then that Sunday in church we learned that Abraham's wife was also his half sister!! So in reality God didn't tell Abraham to lie! We were going to share this find with Leini, but couldn't since she cancelled!

Also with Leini's question I thought of how God commanded Nephi to kill Laben, and how that also seems to go against the commandments. My thought was also answered in church that Sunday! You see, in the law of Moses, if you saw someone accuse someone else of doing something wrong when they obviously did no wrong, or saw someone steal, then YOU had the right to give punishment to that person, and the punishment for those crimes was death. So Nephi's actions were in line with the law of Moses. You learn something new everyday! lol

On Friday we helped out at Wildflower Old Folks Home again. They had a pot luck, and we helped dish peoples plates, ate with the old folks who's families were not coming, and talked. It was a fun time with lots of good food! I really enjoy working there, and the main woman there, Katie, is going to have us all over for dinner at her place, and she has some questions about our church!

This last Sunday Elder Richards and I drove out to Joseph to go to the Elgin Ward Council meeting. That was a whole new experience for me, since it’s such a small town. They talked about what was important to them. Like how nice the flowers outside the church look and to thank the people who planted them there. It really is Mayberry!! lol. But I love it, because it’s such a small town everyone is so close, united and caring for each other. In sacrament meeting most of the kids of the Bishopric just sat with their dads up on the stand and would just walk around. Lol It was cute.

So that's my week, it was good and I look forward to this week as well! Thanks for all you guys do, for your love and prayers, they are very much felt.

Thanks again for all you guys do, I love and pray for you all the time. Write me soon! Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

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