Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I won a "Snickers"

Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 12:40 PM

Email #37 – LaGrande, OR

Hello Again Bevell Family!

Another week gone by already! The days are starting to go by faster; It’s probably because I am in an area that I like a lot. Time always goes faster when you're having fun right? Well the blessings this week have been very good.

Monday I was able to meet with Jayson and Jodi who are in an interesting situation. They are living together while waiting to get a divorce from their current spouses...... Yea. So because of that they cannot be baptized till one moves out, or they wait till they get divorced so they can get married, then baptized. They are going with the second. lol. But they are such nice people; I actually told you about them in my last letter, they are the ones with the daughter who prayed in public! After that we gave blessings to an entire family that had gotten phenomena. They are all better now!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President. When I was in with him I asked him what he did to have a successful personal study. He told me that being a Mission President he doesn't have the same schedule as me but when he does study he reads a little from the Book of Mormon, then from Preach My Gospel, and while he exercises he listens to conference talks then goes back and marks what stood out to him. And the whole time he does this he is listening to the spirit as best as he can. He says when he does this he usually finds a theme that Heavenly father wanted him to learn about. I've been trying to do that in my personal studies as well, I read from the Book of Mormon, then I think about who we will be seeing that day and read out of Preach My Gospel the topics we will be sharing with them, And I finish up by reading a talk from the Conference Ensign! The spirit is very present when I do this. It’s just great!

On Thursday we did service at the Wildflower Care Center. We spent time with the old folks who are staying there and played some bingo with them. I actually won once and got a Snickers!! (I offered it to the people at my table but they all said no due to the fact most of them didn't have teeth.) We actually do service there on a weekly basis! I look forward to this week when we will be helping out with a pot luck dinner!!

Friday we taught Sister Takahashi and her son Milo the Plan of Salvation. She didn't doubt it at all. She said that she really liked how the Plan took off all the pressure of messing up. How we could always have a second chance. Her and Milo accepted a baptism commitment and will be baptized on July 9th!!

So I am hoping/assuming that all of you are doing just great! I'm still waiting for your letters to arrive, and look forward to reading them. Know that I love and truly appreciate all that you guys do to help and support me on my mission. This gospel is true, if it wasn't I wouldn't be out here wasting my time, and your resources. I know blessings will come! "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or fathers, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, shall inherit everlasting life." Matt 19:29.

I love you all. Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

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