Tuesday, June 7, 2011


June 2011

Funny Story in Breck’s Letter...

“On Saturday we had a dinner appointment at 5:30. So when it was time to go, we looked up the Karrels address and headed out. When we got there Sis Karrel answered the door and let us in. Now it’s important to note that she is in her mid 50’s and was wearing a pink tank top. So we assumed she hadn’t been through the temple yet. Anyway she let us in: We used the restroom and then sat and talked while waiting for dinner. As we talk we find out that Sis Karrel and her husband have been inactive in the church for years. Elder Richards and I find this puzzling, and wonder to ourselves, “Then how did they get on the dinner list?” Bro Karrell then gets up and goes outside. We assumed he was checking the grill to see if dinner was ready. We were thinking “All Right! BBQ Dinner tonight!!” Then he comes back in and sits down as we continue talking. It’s been about 30 minutes and we haven’t started dinner! We were starting to think they had forgotten that they signed up to feed us when we got a call… from the OTHER Karrels wondering if we were coming for dinner?! WE WERE IN THE WRONG HOUSE! LOL Of course we all broke out laughing. Sis Karrel actually fell off the couch because she was laughing so hard. I think we made some great new friends that day, and Sis Karrel took down our number so she could call us when they COULD have us over for dinner. “

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