Tuesday, April 12, 2011

6 Months Tomorrow!

Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 1:32 PM

Email #26 – Meridian ID

Bevell family,

I am still amazed at how fast time has gone by! It still feels like I just left you guys. lol. You all have changed so much already, I'm going to have a lot to catch up on when I get home.

I do feel different. I feel more mature and grown up. Though keeping the room clean is still a difficulty. But I am so content with what I have and even more grateful for what has been provided for me. Just this last week I was putting together some packets that I could give to members so they would feel better about sharing the gospel. The packets have things such as; a Book of Mormon, pamphlets of the lessons we teach, and a few other items that are useful. Well I had forgotten to buy some gallon bags to put them in, and we could not find anyone to give us a ride to the nearest store which is out of our area. Five miles away to be exact. But one night as we had dinner with a member family they gave us a box of gallon bags! And on top of that when they learned I could play guitar the insisted that I borrow their guitar because no one knew how to play it and wanted me to enjoy playing one for a while!! AWESOME!!! It feels good to play an instrument again, but I don't let it get in the way of my work.

I am very glad to hear that the Cases are doing fine. I still keep them in my prayers. I'm hoping they stay in AZ so Aaron and I can still hang out when I get back. You can tell him for me that I was wishing for some man-burgers the other day. lol.

As for my clothes, they are doing just fine. My pants have ripped at the seams a few times but we as missionaries get very good deals with dry-cleaners. My shirts are also still white and in great condition. My asthma has been a little weird lately but I am still taking the medication and my inhalers are holding up as well. One is still unopened, and I keep one in my bag and another by my bed just in case. We get fed everyday and I have food back at the Dow's house as well. (They are the people we live with.)

The family who helped me and Watson a lot was the Thompsons. I gave you their email a while back. They are amazing Mom, you and Dad will love them. I very much consider them family. Izaak would like their son Kegan as well, he is a crazy kid! As for the address I don't have it on me so I will mail it to you with snail mail.

Transfer callsare this Friday and Transfers on Monday!! I will let you know the outcome when I hear! I'm not really sure if I want to stay or leave this area yet. I guess I will be ok with it either way. lol.

I am glad to hear Breck and Izaak are doing so well and am very proud of them both. Keep up the good work guys!! And I am glad Mom that you and Dad are doing good as well. I love you both so much and miss you guys. Thanks for everything you have done for me and for putting up with me.

I went on exchanges on Monday and was with an Elder Fulmmer for a day. He's a good kid. I've been out a month longer than him, so I expect to be seeing more of him in the future. We visited a part member family and had a good talk with them. We laughed a lot- telling jokes and talked about our families. I then shared a spiritual message on Christ's parable of the sower. I love that one, it’s my favorite. You should read it as a family one of these days! I would recommend that. While I shared this parable then my testimony of the church, everyone felt the spirit. It was a great experience.

Thanks again for your prayers and all that you guys do. I love you and pray for you everyday. Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

p.s. Can you send me a few copies of my CD? There are a few people who want one. Just 5 will do. Thanks

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