Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ups & Downs

Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 10:22 AM

Email # 20 - Twin Falls, ID


Sorry I missed email last week, very very busy here in Twin now. There is snow everywhere again! It snowed for a day and a half; luckily we had the car on those days. Lol

Now where do I start? So much has happened. Ok, the sad news first. We have been visiting a less active woman named Sally, her two sons are very active, one is a Priest the other a Teacher, and I watch them bless and pass the sacrament every Sunday. She doesn't come to church and she is constantly blaming God for everything bad that happens to her including the death of her husband. Well Elder Mitchell left me a few Cd's and audio books, one being the conversion story of Glenn Beck and How to be totally miserable by John Bytheway! I lent her these two Cd's because they cover all of her concerns. I also gave her a Priesthood promise that if she would go to church her life would get better. Well we got a call from her the other day saying that it would be best if we didn't come over anymore and that her son will drop off my Cd's on Wednesday.

Now some happy news! We have a golden investigator named Michael who has a baptism date set! He is homeless so the bishop got him a job at DI and a room in a hotel. He has no means of transportation and has trouble reading, so we went out, bought him the Book of Mormon on CD, and took my old bike to the bike shop where the owner is LDS and he fixed it up perfectly! We then gave it to Michael who was happy as a 5 year old on Christmas! It felt so good to see how happy it made him! I love doing service!

Mom and Dad, I love you both. Thank you for everything, God bless you both.

-Elder Bevell-

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