Monday, August 13, 2012

Pics of Banana Prank...

Date:     Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 2:49 PM
Email #97 – New Plymouth, ID

Dear Bevells,
   Goodness! Another eventful week I see at home. I hope your leg is feeling better Dad. And good job Izaak for being a man and helping Dad out in that moment. Keep up the good work! Thank you Mom for sending the info on Brecks doctor visits. It's very good to have a better understanding of what's happening there. I'm also very glad to hear you can still ride horses Breck! I've been praying that you would still be able to do what you love, so know that God really does answer prayers. I LOVE YOU!!  Happy late birthday Braylon. lol.
   So this last week was a bummer week. Elder Olinger and I caught a stomach virus that is going around the mission and the mission doctor told us we had to stay indoors for a whole day! That was not fun at all. I had to cancel appointments and dinner. Needless to say we didn't reach up to half our goals this last week. One good thing that did happen however was the baptism of Dylan Loyd. He has been investigating the church for close to two years now and finally decided to get baptized. He didn't meet with us because he has been through so many missionaries in the past that he just had to be interviewed. That went very well. This last Sunday was very uplifting for me and now that I am feeling 100xs better (physically and spiritually) I am ready to (as one of my zone leaders puts it) SLAUGHTER our goals this week! lol.  To help with this we have created a signup list for members to have us come into their homes and teach the first missionary lesson. We passed it around relief society this last Sunday and a few people signed up for this next week. We are hoping more will sign up in the future when school starts again so everyone will have a more set schedule. All the bishops think it’s a great idea and all the members we told seemed really excited about it.
   I remember having the missionaries come to our home to teach the lessons to Dan. That was a lot of fun, and I have learned that a lot of members have similar memories with their families as well. So you see, missionaries don't just bring people into the gospel, they also help build up the members as well! This is the best job in the world!!
   Some fun news! We had dinner last night with the bishop of the New Plymouth 2nd ward. The ward that pranked us at the rodeo. Well after dinner they gave us the pictures!  So I am sending a few of those today and I am sure you will enjoy them. lol.

   I did get your letter btw mom. I sent a package to you all a while back. Did you get that? I sent it about a month ago. Just wondering
   I love you all! I miss you and I am super excited to be on my mission. Nine more weeks then we can come back as a family for the Boise temple rededication!! If you want to learn more about that, go to You can also get free tickets there as well. They are expecting over 400'000 to go through! It will be awesome! Anyway, take care and stay cool!!
                   -Elder Bevell-

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