Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transferred to Boise, ID

Date:     Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 3:28 PM
Email # 70  - Boise, ID

Dear Bevell Family,
   Sorry I didn't email yesterday. The transfer van was late so I didn't have time to email when I got to my new area. OH, that's right. I got transferred! I'm over in Boise now, right next to the temple. (But I can't go in because it's closed.) =( My new companion is Elder Brimhall, and he too is from Mesa AZ! Small world right!? lol. I think we are going to get along great; he is hard working and works out HARD! lol.
   Another interesting thing is our living arrangement. We are in an apartment, but not just any apartment. It's the visa waiters’ apartment! So any Elders we get that are waiting for visa's stay with us. It's a big place with 5 bunk beds! I hope we don't have to provide them with food because I couldn't afford that! lol. They will be coming in tonight around 8. That should be interesting.
   Not  much to report about work cause I only just got here, but things are busy. Mainly because we are on bikes. It's a small area so my asthma should be ok if I pace myself.
   I'm glad to hear you are feeling better Mom! It's no fun being sick for even a day. And I'm super happy for Breck! No seizures for 8 days!? That's awesome! And I wish I could have been there at Jesterz with you all. I love that place! lol. And Izaak's story made me laugh. You're one funny kid little bro!
   And I did get your letter Mom which means I have to write you a new letter!! I had just finished writing everyone’s letters too! lol. It's ok I still need to finish a description of all the pictures anyway.
   Well I have to go. I'll email you next Monday. Take care! I love you all and think of you often. The Church is true, I know Christ lives and I am so grateful for his Atonement on our behalf! Stay cool!
                            -Elder Bevell-

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