Monday, December 12, 2011


Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:49 AM
Email #62 - Jerome, ID

My fellow Bevells,
   It is now 3 days till my birthday. It's a little weird to me that I will soon be 21. I almost feel old. almost. lol. Apart from that things are looking good here in Jerome. Things are slowing down a little because of the holidays but we are managing to stay busy. The baptism didn't happen this last Saturday we decided to move it to the 17th. What makes this even cooler is that we will be baptizing two people that day! I will be baptizing Shaydon Kuper who is 11 and confirming him the following Sunday and Elder Bailey will be baptizing Gary who is in his 20s and will be confirming him on Sunday! ALSO our zone leaders have a baptism on that day as well!! AND we set a new baptism date with a new investigator for the 23!! Looks like we will be having a very white Christmas!! lol.
   Now I know you are wanting to know what I am planning on doing for my B-day so here is the plan. That is going to be a busy day for us, our district is going to the temple that day, we will be having lunch before that with the Thompsons! That's the family that Elder Watson and I reactivated in Twin. I am very excited to see them!  After that we have two lessons planned for the evening. I can't think of a better birthday.
   Now back to the past week. Elder Bailey and I spoke in church this last Sunday. We both spoke on missionary work. Mine was more like Elder Hollands talk at priesthood session. In it I talked about agency. I told how there are three steps to making a choice;
    1. Decide
      Decide to serve a mission or not.
    2. Prepare
     Prepare yourself by gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, study Preach My Gospel, and repent if you need to.
    3. Go
     Once you have prepared, "go and do!" and be happy with whatever comes.
The ward really liked it and I hope it helped influence the young men to want to serve missions.
   I am very happy to know that You got my card on your birthday! I was trying very hard to time it just right. And Izaak, I like your creative thinking and timing!! Way to go bro!! lol. And I am glad you had a good birthday Mom. I LOVE YOU!! And I didn't know the Farnsworths called you! That is so cool. I love the Farnsworths, did I tell you that Sis Farnsworth makes us breakfast every morning. We helped them set up and decorate their tree last night as well.
   Anyway, It's good to hear that all is going well with you all, Thanks again for all you do. I have the best family. I want you to know again that I have a testimony of this work. God is real and this is the church that his son Jesus Christ set up on the earth. We are led by a prophet who holds all the keys required to help us return to our Heavely Father. I know the Book of Mormon is true and It, along with the bible, testify of the Saviors divine mission to redeem us from our faults. How grateful I am for these truths that give me hope and strength every day. Thank you again Mom, and Dad for teaching me these truths in my youth. You are the best. Take care and stay cool!

p.s. Here are some pictures of Elder Bailey and I decorating the Christmas tree at the Kupers home. IT'S A REAL TREE!!

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