Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 12:48 PM
Email #53 - La Grande, OR

Dear Bevell Family,
  I am amazed at all that has happened in the last few days. This last weekend was so spiritually uplifting with conference and transfers. I will start with transfers. Now I have been in La Grande for about 5 months, and Elder Zerbe 1. So it only makes sense that Elder Zerbe be called to go to Meridian Idaho and I stay another transfer! Yep, I am still here! lol. I was very surprised at this, as was everyone. But its good, I can continue the work I started up here a little longer. My new companion is Elder Reinsch from Cali. He's been out about 20 months, is a year older than me and is very fun! We are having fun already and it's only day two of the transfer.

  I loved General Conference! I took so many notes and got answers to my questions. I too loved the emotion seen with President Eyring, and the wonderful humor of our Beloved Prophet. One talk that touched me was the one about the Elder who was called to Arizona and met the man who had baptized his father. The man had become inactive because he felt he had failed the Lord and not done a good job while on his mission. This Elder was then able to tell him how because he had baptized his Dad, him and all his brothers had served missions, all that were married had been married in the temple, and the family was enjoying all the blessings of living the restored gospel. That is exactly what every missionary wants to hear about their converts. It helped me to think of the long term effects of my actions today in helping invite others to come closer to Christ.   I have many notes but not with me. So I guess I will be writing to you all my feelings on conference in snail mail.

Speaking of snail mail, you say you have something for me? AWESOME! I mean.. That’s great! lol. As to things that I need did you say that you would be sending me money for shoes or are you sending me new shoes? Didn't they have a warranty on them? I can't remember!!!! lol.

  So about our investigators. We once again had to move Brendon's baptism date back a week. We still need to set up a baptism interview yet Brendon can't meet sooner than Friday, and we are asked to have interviews at least a week before the baptism. So we had to move it back.

We've been making some progress with Charlie up in Elgin as well. I think I told you about him, He didn't really grow up with religion in his life, so when we taught him he didn't even know or understand who Jesus was. He had heard his name but that was about it! I was amazed! So we taught him who Christ was, what He did, and Why we need him. Its slow work but I think he is starting to understand. As for the rest of our teaching I will fill you in with snail mail. lol.

  Man how I wish I could have been with you guys for conference! Thank you so much for the pictures it looks like you all had such a fun time!! And I was so excited for Izaak's first Priesthood session! I look forward to being with him at those in the future. And Breck I simply love the woman you are changing into. Thanks for taking good care of my guitar "Babe". I do miss her ever so much! How's that coming along? It looks like you are actually reading the sheet music which is something I have a lot of trouble doing. Keep up the good work! I should send Dan and Braylon an email as well, they are so funny. And Dan got a hair cut!!!!! Holly cow its short!! lol. Looks good sis! ;D   Well, there’s not enough space in any email, nor enough paper in the world for me to write how much I love you all. Tell the Sopers and Horejs that I love and miss them and I am glad they were able to spend conference with you guys! I am especially sad that I missed out on Soper cookies.:,( . I pray for you all every night, and you are in my thoughts many times during the day. Take care, stay safe, and above all, stay cool!
                                      -Elder Bevell-

 p.s.s. The picture is of me and Elder Zerbe on our last day together.

Breck Playing Elder Bevell's Guitar "Babe" with Guy

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