Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tue, Sept 27, 2011 at 1:34pm
Email #52 – La Grande, OR

Dear Bevell family,
  I will begin by answering your last questions. Yes, I did get Kenton's letter and I will be writing him. I just can't not respond to a letter cause I really do apreciate it when I get them. lol. Carsten and I have been writing back and forth since he can't email me from the MTC, but he will once he is out in the field. He sounds like he is having a blast! Im really excited for him. I also responded to Teasha, with my last envelope actually. lol So snail mail will be on hold till next month.. Also, as to Libby not calling you yet we found out that she has laryngitis. lol.

Transfer calls come this Friday and I really Really REALLY hope I do not get moved! I still feel like I have stuff to do here and that there are people who need my help and fellowship.  Which brings me to the past week! This last week has been a really good week. We have been passing out "family mission plans" to the ward members to help them help us. We checked up on a few of them on Sunday and I was pleased to hear that most of them have some people in mind all ready. The members really like this plan, I will send you guys one as soon as I can. I'm getting ready to mail a package home to you guys. ;)

  We also have some new investigators! The first one is Vern. Great guy, he's met with missionaries in the past but doesn't remember to much from before.  We taught him the restoration yesterday and the spirit was strong. We told him about how Christ set up his church while here on the earth, called twelve men and gave them Priesthood authority to do miracles in his name. How after those twelve men were killed or disappeared that the Priesthood was no longer on the earth and important parts to Christ's gospel were lost, and needed to be restored, and that it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We then watched the Restoration DVD. Afterwards, we bore our witness that Jesus is the Christ, that his church has been restored to the earth once more and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I love having so many opportunities to bare witness of the Savior, and watching as the Holy Ghost touches those peoples hearts. This truly is the greatest work in the world.

  The second new investigator is Brian (unpronounceable last name!!) lol. We met with him briefly to set an actual appointment, he seems very cool.

  Now about you guys, Izaak, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow, my little brother now holds the Priesthood. That is so cool man and I am so proud and excited for ya! The power that you now have will be a great tool in helping you grow. Always seek little brother to be worthy of that power, you may not understand it fully now (and I sure as heck don't understand it fully as well) but it is one of the greatest gifts your Father in Heaven can give you. Welcome to the ranks!!

  I too am very excited for Conference this weekend! We are planning on watching the Saturday morning session at a member’s house where we will be provided with breakfast! That is all we have planned so far. lol. It's going to be fun. To prepare my self for conference I went on lds.org and printed off a talk by President Uchtdorf titled "No Ordinary Blessing". In it he tells us three ways we can prepare for General Conference. I am very excited to read it and encourage you all to do the same.

 Now Breck, don't think I have forgotten you. You GO girl! I don't think I sold that many entertainment books when I was in high school and I definitely didn't sell them by going door to door! Now you have an idea on how I feel when I work! lol. I am very proud to hear that you handled it so very well. It can be hard, especially when you KNOW that what you have to offer can truly help that person. Way to go sis!

  The temple trip sounds like so much fun. The Boise temple is under renovations and won't be open again for probably a YEAR! The last time I went to the temple was when I was in Twin Falls! I really want to go but being in La Grande, there is no way we can make the trip. I'm making it a prioritiy to go as soon as I can. You guys have fun, and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  I loved the pictures! It makes me laugh as I see the ones with Braylon in them. He looks like a GIANT compared to the rest of us. (That’s cause he is!!) Especially Dan! lol I am still a little baffled on how they ended up together. I did not see that coming. I remember coming home one night and I see Dan sitting on the couch and Braylon sitting next to her with his arm around her, and I was thinking "What, are you doing in my home next to my sister?" lol. Know though Braylon that I am very glad to have you in the family now.
  Well Golly gee! What more can I say? I love you all. I miss you all. I pray for you all. And I think of you all often. Thank you for all your prayers and support, and your love. Take care, and stay cool.
                                    -Elder Bevell-
p.s. I got to see Elder Jones today, my companion from the MTC!

Izaak is now a Deacon in the Priesthood.  

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