Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good things in Enterprise & Elgin

Date: Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 12:56 PM
Email #55 – La Grande, OR
Subject: Re: The temple was amazing.

Dear Bevells,
   I am doing great!! This last week has been a mix of fun and frustration as usual, but more of the fun.
   The fun is the work of course. Turns out that referral Michael lives in Enterprize! I was very surprised and pleased about this. The only down fall is that we can't make it up there to often. So we just called our ward mission leader up there and he said he would contact him. He's tried a few times; each time Michael is not home. But it feels good to know that good is beginning to happen in Enterprize.
   More good is coming from Elgin as well. This last Sunday we presented our family mission plan to the ward council and the bishop is very excited about this plan. He told us that their home teaching is at 30% and that this plan will help to raise that. He's going to be working very hard on the members to use this plan. I loved the words he used on Sunday when talking to the priesthood, "Brethren, why are we denying ourselves these blessings?" What power! I really like Bishop Livingston.
   I am also glad at how positive the members are when we give them the FMPs (family mission plans) Over all we are expecting to see more referrals from all the wards.
   A frustrating moment, Brendon actually moved his baptism date back again. For a good reason though. There's a friend who wants to be there who couldn't make it on the last date set. I plan on keeping in contact with Brendon to help him keep the testimony he has just found and to help him in any way at all. After all what are friends for?
   I did get the package and I loved it! Especially Breck's story, I read it to the other Elders even though I was slightly embarrassed. I hope the class got just as good a laugh as the other elders had. Good job sis and sorry for putting you through that. lol.. I just sent Carsten a letter with some pictures of me and my comp. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to have a friend on a mission. I look forward to hearing and sharing stories with him.
   I am so glad the temple trip went so well. It makes me feel so much joy to know that my family can go to the temple together. I really do have the best family.  And Brittany's baby is beautiful!! Congratulations to the Soper family! And do keep me updated on my sister’s baby; I am so excited to be an uncle!! Same with Aunt Erika's baby, I am excited to have a new cousin!! Please tell them I miss and love them all.
       Well, take care of each other. Breck, have fun at Homecoming and don't let any boy push you around cause if they try they will have me to deal with when I get back, and I do not fight fair. You tell them that!! lol. I love ya. And Izaak, I love ya bro and am so very proud of you. Keep up the good work and enjoy the blessings that come from living this gospel. You are years ahead of me from when I was your age. Mom and Dad, thank you for all the sacrifices you make on all of our behalves. I love you, and am proud to be your son. (don't cry Mom.) Take care, and stay cool!
                     -Elder Bevell-  

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