Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Libby is getting Baptized!

Date: Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 11:50 AM
Email #45 – LaGrande, OR

Dear Bevells,
   Wow, I am a little surprised that there are no questions to answer this week! lol, But it sounds like you guys are busy, and having fun. I am very happy to hear that. XD
   So, we had another busy week in the Idaho Boise mission. We decided to work in Enterprise at the beginning of this week and did so by driving up on Wednesday night and working all of Thursday. We stayed the night at the Bishop’s home, Bishop Hipple. He's a great man and tries very hard to help us out. A huge reason for the lack of work in Enterprise is due to all the anti going around from the other religions there. I do not like anti stuff at all!  Now back to work in Enterprise, on Thursday we did service for a member by helping him split a huge pile of wood outside his house. We had two splitters going and it took us close to three hours to split it and stack it! It was fun work!, and afterwards the member took  us out to eat lunch at a burger place. That was a very good lunch. With the logs done, Bishop Hipple took us over to an older couple’s home. The wife is a member so we spoke with her husband for a few minutes. Their last name is Lewis btw. Brother Lewis recently had surgery on his shoulder and was on medication, so the conversation was a little slow and he spoke in a low mumble so Elder Richards and I couldn't understand what he was saying. But bishop Hipple could aparently cause after I asked Brother Lewis a question he seemed to just exhale and Bishop said, "That's a very good answer Brother Lewis!" lol It was fun and they said we can visit them whenever we are in Enterprise.
   The rest of the week, as I look back, Seems to have been centered on Libby Davis. The ward has been so good at being there for her, and she seems to be doing a little better. We visit her every two days or so, and the very good news for her is that she is getting baptized TODAY!!!!! Yep at 7 pm Libby Davis will be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are very excited for her and she is supper excited as well. Because of her legs however we will be baptizing her in a chair! We are going to carry her down into the font!! lol. That's the best thing that has happened this week in my opinion.
   Those are the highlights of this week. I got Josh's letter as well. He sounds like he is doing a lot better and I am very happy about that. Tell him that I really appreciate the letter and that I will be writing him back soon.
   And attached is a picture of my shoes. It looks like I will need new ones soon for as you can see the inside of them are falling completely apart.  And how are my pant's coming a long? Let me know ok? I love you guys! Stay cool!
                     -Elder Bevell-

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  1. I love Elder Bevell's shoes. Makes a mother feel good to know he is working hard and wearing them out. Smiles to Elder Bevell!