Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carsten received his call...

Tue, May 24, 2011 at 3:03 PM

Email #34 – Meridian, ID

Dear Mom,

Wow a lot has happened! And all of it good stuff too, that makes me feel good to know that you all are fine. Thanks for all the pictures btw, I love getting them. And Carstens mission call!!??? That's AWESOME! I will be sure to write him and congratulate him. And since he will be a missionary I will be able to email him once he gets out! lol, The news that really surprised me though was Ethan. That was really out of the blue and unexpected. But I'm happy for him. I've met Shar and I like her a lot and look forward to having her as part of the family.

So about me and Elder Mattei, his foot is only sprained luckily and it has healed really fast! Today he played football and was just as good as ever! I don't know how he was able to run that fast! His foot will probably be very sore tonight though and tomorrow as well. He will be fine though. And myself, I'm doing just great. We have people to teach and I have been using my free time to just read the Scriptures and preach my gospel. At night if I can't fall asleep I just pull out preach my gospel and read over the lessons. I recently read in the Scriptures that if we try to become more familiar with Christ’s gospel the Holy Ghost will bring to our remembrance what we need to say when we need to say it. Plus I like the spirit that I feel as I help my testimony in the gospel grow. The more I learn the more I believe and want to share. This gospel is so true Mom, I have no doubt in my mind, and as I think back on all my friends back home I want them to have it so badly as well.

Now on our investigators. We taught Todd again this last Sunday and that went very well. He hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon so we decided to read it with him. We read Alma 11 when Christ shows himself to the Nephites in America. He didn't have any questions about the chapter but did ask about the Priesthood. We explained that the Priesthood is God’s power given to men on earth to act in his name. WE then learned that he has a Gospel Principles book and told him to read the chapter on the Priesthood. He said he would. We will be seeing him next Sunday to teach him the Plan of Salvation.

We also taught Lindsey yesterday the Plan of Salvation. She is very quiet, but has a testimony of the church.

Well that's all I got sorry I haven't written in snail mail for a while, I am now out of stamps! As soon as I get some more I will write. I love you all and I have and will continue to pray for you guys. Thanks and hope you guys have a great week! Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

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