Monday, September 17, 2012

Blessing Homes

Date:     Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 11:50 AM
Email #102 – Kimberly, ID

Hello Bevells,
   This last week was super busy but good. Elder Rogers and I are still getting along for the most part.  We were able to attend a baptism in one of the elder’s area on Saturday. It was a Burmese family so they had a translator and everything. It wasn't the smoothest baptism but the spirit was very strong in the end. The font drain hadn't been fully covered so when they opened the font up the water was barely above knee level. They had to kneel down to be baptized. lol, it was fun!
   In our area we are spending a lot of time "blessing homes". lol. That was a neat story btw Mom. I like that point of view better than tracting. 

excerpt from Mom's email..
"Boy, yesterday was a great day at church for me.  It was High Council Sunday and Bishop Zimmerman spoke with a newly returned missionary.  His name is Austin Spilsbury.  He has only been home 2 weeks. But it was one of the best talks.  He served his mission in Florida, spanish speaking.  But what I loved the most as he spoke on missionary work was how it wasn't your typical way of presenting.  He spoke about love and letting go of fear, but then he talked about how his mission changed from "tracting" to "blessing homes".  He said they no longer even call it tracting.  They were taught to go out and bless homes.  They litterally asked people at the door if they could leave a blessing on their home using the Priesthood that they held.  After one elder would ask if they could do that, the other would ask some general questions to get to know the people a little better.  On one occasion just a week after starting this program the Elder speaking said he and his companion went to one home where a woman answered the door.  They could tell she had small children and looked tired like she had a tough day.  They asked if they could bless her home using the Priesthood they held.  She said "I guess...".  So 10 seconds later this Elder (who was speaking) offered a prayer.  (without any other info).  He said he got the impression to bless her husband who was ill and to bless her that she might be able to find work to help support her family, plus other things that came to mind.  After the prayer, they all had tears and she asked them how they knew the trials she was going thru.  They then were able to teach her of the Holy Ghost.  I just loved that lesson.  Again, a reminder that the Lord knows each of us...and we can be an instrument in his hands.  We don't have to know everything about people, only what the Lord wants us to know and HE will take care of our brothers and sisters.  We just need to be open to the spirit. This Elder ended his talk encouraging all of us to be close to the spirit, and if we don't feel it now, to do what we need to so that we can.  With that we can do anything the Lord wants us to do." 

Elder Rogers is the most obedient elder I have ever seen.  If we have 2 minutes before the time we are to get home we will just walk around. It's good for me because it keeps me busy here at the end of my mission.
  One really exciting thing that happened this week was that Elder Rogers got to go on exchanges with President Cannon!  I got to go with some elders in our zone for that day while he drove president around for a day. He had a good time, and president say we are doing great work in the area.
   Another highlight was a lesson we had with a young woman named Alica (ah-lee-see-ah). We taught her the other day about baptism, what it is and why we do it. She loves visual aids so we showed a few videos in the lesson. She is loving it. She's a little shy, but I know she is feeling the spirit. We expect she will be baptized soon.
   Those are the highlights of the week right there. I'm glad to hear the ranch is still going strong.  Go Izaak on being an example! It's true that sports are not always about winning, but I know it can be frustrating if you are losing a lot. But keep up the good work on keeping a positive attitude! In the end that will make all the difference.
How are things with you Breck? Have you started school?
   I love you all and can't wait to see you all again in a few weeks! I'll keep working hard! Fight the good fight! Stay cool!
                 -Elder Bevell-

p.s. I thought you might like this saying Mom. lol.

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