Monday, March 19, 2012

Transfers... Hello New Plymouth, ID

Date:     Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 8:13 AM
Email #76 – Boise, ID

Dear Bevells,
   Hey everyone! Transfers have come and gone and I am now in New Plymouth with Elder Kofoed. I am really excited to be here as it is close to La Grande. I actually saw one of the bishops I worked with today at the transfer spot. He told me that a lot of good has happened in the ward and that he really appreciated all the hard work I did while I was there. It's good to be appreciated.
   So, I don't know too much about the area just yet. I do know that we cover three wards and we live with members. Elder Kofoed seems like a great guy who likes to work hard and be a missionary. I can already feel a wonderful spirit around him. This is also a car area so I shouldn't have much trouble with my asthma.
   Now I am assuming the reason I don't see an email is because of all my emailing on Tuesday in the past. Don't feel bad. I will be emailing on Mondays again here in New Plymouth.
  Another fact I just learned, apparently we teach seminary once a week here! I am so excited for that. This week we will be talking about psalms 1-24. Feel free to read up and talk about that as a family.
   Well I hope all of you are doing good. Is it a busy week at the ranch?  I love you all; you are always in my prayers. Remember, Jesus loves you! Stay cool!
                -Elder Bevell-

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