Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Biffed it on my bike...

Date:     Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 1:55 PM
Email #75 – Boise, ID

Hear Bevells,
   Hey family! Guess what, it’s raining today! I just love the rain when I'm in a bike area!....ok not really but because of the gospel I am able to handle it all with a good attitude!
   So, it started off very good. We had district meeting at 10:30 and the main topic was on Christ like attributes. Specifically faith, hope and charity. I really felt the spirit as we talked about how to gain these attributes. Did you know that all Christ like attributes are a gift from our Heavenly Father? Yep, and the best way to gain these "gifts" is to grow closer to the Savior. It's like any normal relationship, the longer you hang out with someone the more things you pick up from them. You begin to change and grow. So the closer we are to the savior the more like him we become. It really made me want to work harder at being closer to my Savior by reading the scriptures more, praying with greater intent and just being the best person I can be.
   After district meeting we rode our bikes over to the hospital to give some blessings. The first to Daryl, the less active guy we are teaching. He's about to go in for radiation treatments and he wanted a blessing before that. I was really touched when he asked me to give him the blessing. "For some reason I have bonded with you more than the other two." He said. Then looking at Elders Brimhall and Porter "No offence you guys are awesome too!" lol. I felt so grateful to have his trust like that. The next blessing was for an older woman who had a stroke. We didn't talk much there. Just gave the blessing and left, but the spirit was still there.
   Now about the past week! You will probably find it funny to know that I biffed it on my bike for the first time! Man it was embarrassing. We were riding down the road and I went to get on the sidewalk. As I tried to get up on the small slope my bike decided that it didn't want to go up. My wheel just grinded against the sidewalk and I fell over sideways and slid to a stop with the bike on top of me. I wasn't hurt, just shook up. And I also had a bee-ayu-utiful hole in my pants! (That's the picture. =D) So that's my funny moment this past week.

   We also received a lot of referrals as well which we are trying to contact now, we are very glad for something to keep us busy.
   Transfers are this week! We will get the call on Friday so I will be letting you know if I am staying or leaving afterwards as usual. I have a feeling that I might be leaving because of my asthma. As hard as I try I still have to use my inhaler daily. I told president about it and his tone of voice made it sound like he would be moving me.
   Sounds like you had a very busy week at the ranch. Sorry you didn't have a lot of hands to help. But I am proud of you all for working together to get the job done! You all rock! Keep up the good work and I will be glad to help out when I get back!
   Thanks again for all you guys do. I love you all and think of you every day. Apart from the gospel you all are a great source of strength. Thank you. Stay cool!
                       -Elder Bevell-  

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