Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 1st Baptism

Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Email # 18 -Twin Falls, ID

Hey Mom and Fam,

I'll start with your questions, First the work out. I am not watching a video for it, My companion Elder Watson has it all down on paper and it is HARD!! I nearly threw up after the first work out! But I feel so much better and want to keep doing more. It is also ok that I visit my cousins blogs but lately the blogs wont let me view them? Also I have not been called to any training meetings yet since I am still a greeny. Kind of annoying.

And now to the week! We are making amazing progress with a woman named Michelle, she is less active, has been through the temple, and is breaking key commandments of her own free will. But elder Watson and I have been really working with her and she is starting to show signs of repentance! She came so close to breaking up with her boyfriend and she is still trying to find the right time to do it. We are praying for her and any prayers you could give would be very helpful.

I had my first baptism!! It was very funny. As I went to dunk Lili under the water she got very tense and her arms and face just wouldn't go under the water! I had to dunk her FOUR times before the witnesses said it was official, and after each time she would come up say thank you and try to leave the font! We almost thought she was going to quit right there because of embarrassment. But the people there were awesome and after I confirmed her a member that Sunday a sister came up and basically smothered her with welcomes! I am so excited for her, she has so much support and I know she will be a strong member! =)

On a random important note, my bike finally broke. So I bought a new one for a pretty good price! The price on the tag said $260 and when they rung it up it was $160! YES!! And I am loving it, it rides so much better and it's just perfect! lol I am so happy!

Thank you so much for all you guys do, and I feel so blessed that I even have money on my card. I am using it as wisely as I can, and I always learn from my mistakes. I truly appreciate all that you guys do, and I love you very much.

Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

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