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Tues Dec 21, 2010

Email # 11 - Twin Falls, ID

Bevell Family,

Hi! I was so glad to hear your voices on Christmas, and to hear about what you got, what your doing, and all that you have planned. I loved your presents, and was truly amazed at them because all of them were things that I saw at stores, wanted to buy, and decided to wait till I was sure I had the money. (Except the church history Cd's, those I have not seen at any store but I love them anyway!) lol. I also got a few things from the Vipps, (the family we are staying with.) They gave me a new tie, some candy and a small bowling dice game.

So the work has slowed down ALOT because of Christmas and New Years. It’s really frustrating but we are trying hard not to get discouraged or trunky. And even though things were looking hard we still went out on Monday with no lessons or appointments set up, and ended the day with 4 lessons! We felt blessed that God had given us people to teach so we wouldn't feel like we were wasting his time.

So, new year

I haven't thought about those yet actually but when I come up with some I will let you know! =D

Some other things though, Mom I'm almost out of my preventative pills so what do I do to get more? And please send one of my Cd's for Elder Mitchell. He's really looking forward to hearing it!

OH, I almost forgot, Izaak, you will love what Elder Mitchell got me for Christmas and we will so play it when I get home. He got me, HALO the board game!! lol Its pretty fun and I know you will like it, so I will try to take care of it and keep it in good condition.

Well, that's all I got for this week, hope you all are doing well and having fun. Thanks for all that you do, your love, and prayers. I'll keep praying for ya. Stay cool!

-Elder Bevell-

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