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Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 2:30 PM

Email #12 - Twin Falls, ID

Hey Mom!!

Yes, I did get the birthday box and I loved every inch of it. Especially the Hoops and Yoyo card! I laughed hard at that one! So I will start off by telling you what time and what day I will be calling you! I have decided that I will call you around 8:00, 8:30ish. Which is about 9:00 for me. I am very excited to talk to you all, and to open the presents you sent me!!

How did your appointment with the eye Doctor go? I hope there was some good news in the visit and that they can do something about it, and that it won’t be too expensive.

So I will be sending you all a tape that I made with songs, and a few stories that I recorded, and there is one thing on there that I think Dad will appreciate. I made up a story that I think the "silly twisted boy" will enjoy. ;D Sadly though it will arrive after Christmas because I haven't finished it yet.

OH! Speaking of Teasha, one of the ward missionaries here has added her as a friend on facebook! Her name is Ciera, and she is waiting for you Mom to add her as a friend on my fbook page! So add her! lol.

We don't have plans for Christmas dinner set in stone yet, due to the millions of offers we have had. But we do have a Christmas tree! Its a small candy cane tree that Amanda sent me! I love it.

I'm also glad to hear that the family Christmas party went ok. That's something I really miss here. Tell Grandma Bevell I say hi and that I love her and miss her!

Well, enough about all of you, what about ME!? Well we haven't been too busy this past week because of Christmas coming up, and also the fact that Elder Mitchell got strep throat and we couldn't leave the house for two days!!!! That part drove me a little crazy. But he is better now, so we are doing our best to find people who would like to hear our message.

Breck, I loved your letter and hearing about the winter concert. Zach wrote me finally and sent me the picture of us together during the photo shoot for the year book. He wants it back but I told him to call you guys for my copy which is on the fridge cause I am keeping this one! lol. Tell him that I miss him, I'm praying for him, and that I love him like a brother.

Speaking of brothers, IZAAK!!!!!! I loved the pictures of you wearing MY shirt, and MY hat!! The only thing that would have made it better if you had been listening to MY ipods, and using MY cell phone!! Haha. I’m so glad to see that you are doing well man. And it sounds like you had a blast on your first camp out! I can't believe how much older you look ALREADY. You’re going to be a man by the time I get home! I love ya.

Mom and Dad, thanks for the stories. I thought of you Dad as I read the story of the Jewish Santa. Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it sure is hard as a missionary. I want to be lost in the work, but everyone else is spending time with family so no one has time to hear us so we are left with nothing to do but look at families spend time together. I really miss you all.

Know that I love you,that I'm still praying for ya, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. God bless you all.

-Elder Bevell-

p.s. I still need my driving record so I can drive the car here on my mission. lol

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