Monday, October 1, 2012

Countdown has begun...

Date:     Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 1:58 PM
Email #104 – Kimberly, ID

Hello Bevells!
   The true countdown has begun. This is it, the final month, the final stretch, the last slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner and I am SO FULL!!!! lol. At dinners when people ask me how long I've been out my usual response is "well over a year." But now my companion just answers for me and says "he has 3 Sundays left." lol big help he is. (roll eyes)
   So much has been going through my head, what we need to do to help our investigators progress, the final temple trip with President Cannon is coming up this week, school, DATING (^-^) and a job. All the usual wonderful stuff that life brings. I laughed at Matthews comment about getting married. I'm not sure I want to get "hitched" that quickly. But that isn't the thing that's on the front of my mind. It's the mission in all honesty. So much good is happening right now, and Elder Rogers and I are always making progress with each other. We haven't gotten along all the time, he is very firm in what he wants to do and that is to be the most obedient missionary he can be. And he is the most obedient missionary I have ever seen. I really look up to him for that, he's a born leader and has no problem in rebuking other Elders for not acting like elders. He has been a huge help in keeping me focused.
   This last week’s theme has been "moving". We helped the same family for three days pack up all their stuff. Needless to say it really cut in to our proselyting hours. But we were still able to teach 20 lessons this week! That was the best part of the week. We have been trying to teach whenever we speak. If we say hi to someone sitting on a bench at the park we take the time to ask about their family and teach them how we believe families can be together forever. At doors if they don't let us in we ask them if we can come back at a better time, if they say no, we invite them to the Boise Temple open house, if they say no to that we give them a card, if they say no to that we ask them if they know of anyone who would listen to our message! lol, it's so much fun.
   I'm so excited for all that is happening with you all. Be safe Breck on your trip to school, I know you will always be careful. The best advice that comes to my mind is really pay attention to the promptings you get from the Holy Ghost. I got Izaak's email, thanks for that Bro!
   Gosh, I’m so excited and uber scared at the same time. I'm gonna end this email here before I get too trunky. lol. I love you all and I thank you for all you have done for me while out here. I truly do have the best family. Take care, fight the good fight and stay cool!!
                  -Elder Bevell-

p.s. I have not received my travel info yet Mom.

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